Amazon USA to Canada

In this article we will be focusing on Amazon USA to Canada. In our digital age, Amazon USA has become a household name for online shopping. With its vast selection and convenience, it’s no wonder that many Canadians want to shop on Amazon USA. However, the process of shopping and shipping items from Amazon USA to Canada can be a bit perplexing for some. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process step by step, ensuring that you can enjoy the best of Amazon’s USA offerings while residing in the Great White North.

amazon usa to canada

Understanding Import Fees

When purchasing items from Amazon’s USA platform and having them shipped to Canada, it’s crucial to be aware of import fees and taxes. These fees are applied to most items to ensure compliance with Canadian customs regulations. Import duties, taxes, and processing fees can vary depending on the nature and value of the product. You may also have to pay the Goods and Services Tax (GST) or the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in addition to provincial sales tax.

Before making a purchase, it’s advisable to calculate these additional costs to avoid any surprises upon delivery. Amazon USA often provides an estimate of these fees during the checkout process, which can help you make informed decisions.

Shipping and Inventory

Amazon USA provides a range of shipping options to Canada, allowing customers to select the one that aligns with their specific requirements. These choices typically encompass standard shipping, expedited shipping, and priority shipping. It is essential to review the estimated delivery times and associated costs for each of these options..

Before commencing your trading activities also in Canada, you must determine your preferred approach for fulfilling customer orders. Your options include:

  1. Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM), sometimes referred to as self-fulfilling: With this method, you personally manage your inventory and handle shipping directly to customers.
  1. Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA): With this approach, you send your product shipment to an Amazon warehouse situated within the local market where you are conducting your business. Amazon assumes the responsibility for managing both the picking and shipping processes on your behalf.
  1. Seller Fulfilled Prime: Opting for this choice provides you with access to Prime customers, but it also entails you retaining control over day-to-day inventory management and the shipping of your products.

When deciding on a shipping option, it’s crucial to take into account the following factors:

  • Delivery Time: How urgently do you need your order?
  • Cost: What is your budget for shipping expenses?
  • Tracking: Does the selected shipping option provide tracking, allowing you to monitor the status of your order?
  • Insurance: Is the shipping option insured in the event of loss or damage to your order?

Currency Exchange Rates

When ordering from Amazon USA to Canada, you should also need to consider the factor of the exchange rate. When you buy items in U.S. dollars, your credit card or payment method will convert the transaction to Canadian dollars based on the prevailing exchange rate. These rates can vary, so it’s advisable to monitor them. Using a credit card that doesn’t impose foreign transaction fees can, in some instances, result in cost savings.

When ordering from Amazon USA and wanting to determine the cost of your order in Canadian dollars, you can use a currency converter. For example, if the exchange rate stands at 1.30 CAD/USD, a $100 USD order will convert to approximately $130 CAD.

When settling your payment for your Amazon USA order, your credit card company or payment processor will carry out the conversion to Canadian dollars based on the current exchange rate. Some credit card companies and payment processors levy a foreign transaction fee, which is generally a percentage of the purchase price.

Product Availability

While Amazon’s USA site provides an extensive range of products, not all items are eligible for shipping to Canada. Specific sellers and products might have limitations, so it’s crucial to examine the product listing to confirm its deliverability to your Canadian address. If the product isn’t accessible for international shipping, you may need to explore alternative choices.

Returns and Customer Support

In the unlikely event that you encounter an issue with your order, it’s essential to be aware of Amazon’s return and customer support policies. Amazon USA has a reputation for excellent customer service, and you can often return items for a refund or replacement, even when ordering from the U.S. site to Canada. Familiarize yourself with the return process and contact customer support for any assistance you may need.

Customs and Duties

Importing goods into Canada from the USA can lead to the imposition of customs duties and taxes. The precise amount you will be required to pay hinges on the value and nature of the products you are importing. It’s essential to conduct research on the regulations and fees linked to cross-border shopping.

You have the option to employ the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) duty and tax estimator for estimating the probable duty and tax amount that you’ll need to pay for your order.

Amazon Prime Considerations

If you’re an Amazon Prime member in the USA, you might be wondering whether your membership will be valid for shipments to Canada. The good news is that your Amazon Prime membership may still offer some benefits, such as free two-day shipping, but it’s essential to check the eligibility of specific products and the delivery options in Canada.

💡 For a seamless Amazon USA shopping experience when shipping to Canada, follow these best practices:

  • Plan Ahead: Anticipate longer delivery times and plan your purchases accordingly.
  • Research Products: Thoroughly review product descriptions, ratings, and seller details to make well-informed choices.
  • Monitor Costs: Keep a close eye on the total order cost, encompassing shipping fees, customs duties, and taxes, to avoid financial surprises.
  • Understand Returns: Familiarize yourself with return policies, procedures, and associated costs for returning items to the USA.


In summary, ordering from Amazon USA to Canada offers an array of benefits, including a vast selection of products and often competitive prices. However, it’s crucial to be aware of import fees, shipping options, exchange rates, product availability, and the overall ordering process. By understanding these key factors, you can make the most of your Amazon shopping experience while in Canada.