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Worry-Free Delivery

Reliable, jaunty, timely and on-point shipping to Amazon FBA around the globe is our supreme priority, so you can focus on your core activities.

Professional Services

Trustworthy services to Amazon FBA with our experienced professionals, dedicating day and night to the delivery of each cargo in perfect condition.

Competitive Pricing

With our competitive market prices, we let you achieve a cost-saving budget and accelerate the effectiveness of your Amazon FBA business. Our affordable prices are why we are the best amazon freight forwarders worldwide.

We Take Away The Stress Of Shipping

We understand the time and hassles that go into shipping goods from China to Amazon FBA. As seasoned veterans with years of experience, Forceget Logistics can guarantee safe and reliable shipping which will meet all your specific requirements.

We aim to ensure minimum risk to your investments. We work according to your personal business goals to provide you timely shipping and the most efficient results.

Overseas Supplier

The first step is connecting us with your supplier. From there on, we’ll get the details of your shipment, and arrange the beginning of it’s the journey to Amazon FBA.

Freight Forwarding

Next, in the process, is the freight forwarding stage. Whether you need air, ocean, or both, we’ll handle every phase of your shipment’s freight. Our team’s thorough knowledge of documentation requirements, shipping laws, and trading practices will ease the exporting process for you. Also, our local presence in China will allow us to find you the best rates.

Customs Brokerage

We’ll handle the entire customs clearance process to ensure that your shipment gets to its final destination quickly and efficiently. Our expert Customs Partners deal with international regulations, import and export laws, and officials, so you don’t have to.

Port/Airport Arrival

Once your shipment finally arrives to USA Ports or Airports, our customs brokers will deal with any additional inspections. Then, we arrange for one of our truckers or cargo partners, UPS, FedEx, and DHL, to take your load to the next destination – whether directly Amazon FBA doors or our warehouses.


As soon as your load arrives at our warehouse, our team carefully unloads your cargo and prepares it for storage. We also take care of customized packaging for all your products to save you even more time. From there, we’ll prep your shipment for Amazon’s warehouses.

Amazon FBA

When you are finally ready to send your products into one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers, our expert team will manage all FBA appointments. Then, we’ll arrange for our trucking providers to deliver your products on time and with care, every time.

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