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Strategic Locations

Our strategically placed warehouses in California, Miami, New Jersey, Canada, and the UK provide seamless warehousing and fulfillment.

Efficient, Quick Shipping

We use data to dynamically provide the quickest delivery time based on your inventory location, increasing delivery dependability and lowering costs.

Advanced System

Our advanced 3PL Warehouse Management System streamlines tracking and provides direct access to product data, ensuring fast and timely shipments.


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Los Angelas, CA


Houston, TX


Miami, FL


New Jersey


Toronto, Canada

Transparent Instant Pricing

Forceget charges you only for fulfillment and logistical services, with no hidden fees. Our per-unit cost covers receiving, inventory forwarding, picking, packaging, and transportation. Deliver dates to clients for free to encourage purchases.


Forceget FBA Rates 2024

Operation TypeService TypeForceget PriceDescription
In-Bound20 HQ’ FCL Unloading$1,100Per Container
40 HQ’ FCL Unloading$1,250Per Container
45 HQ’ FCL Unloading$1,450Per Container
Carton Receiving (Single SKU)$2.30Per Carton
Pallet Receiving$18.00Per Pallet
StorageMonthly Storage$35.00Per Pallet
Out-BoundOrder processing Fee (for LTLs)$10.00One-Time Fee
Order Processing Fee (for UPS/Fedex)$10.00One-Time Fee
Palletizing & Pallet Supply Fee$25.00Per Pallet
Pallet Forwarding$18.00Per Pallet
Carton Pick (for LTLs)$1.20Per Carton
Carton Forwarding$2.30Per Carton
Labelling$0.85Per Label
SKU Creation$10.00Per SKU
  • For storage fee, Forceget will charge at the beginning of the month for the existing pallets and any new in-coming shipment through the month is calculated as 1 full month (The cartons received between 1-15 of each month will be charged full price of storage $35/pallet, the cartons received after the 16th of each month will be charged half price, $18/pallet).
  • Even if you have less than 20 cartons (etc. 7 cartons) storage, we have to charge min. 1 pallet fee, since we have to palletize your goods to store and it covers min. 1 pallet space.
  • We are doing our best to handle your in-coming and out-going shipments in 72 hrs. time. So we hope, above mentioned terms are also welcomed by you.
  • Warehouse invoice terms is 7 days.
  • We don’t mix SKUs, 1 SKU per pallet.
  • If you have a last batch of goods inside our warehouses, we require to pay all open warehouse invoices before shipping out these goods. We reserve the right not to ship out your products from our warehouse in case of non-payment.

Customers using Forceget warehouse services agree that the limit of FORCEGET’s Legal Liability for performance of Services hereunder shall be limited to the lesser of:

(a) The total amount of warehouse fees paid to FORCEGET in the preceding twelve-month period;

(b) The amount of any damages actually sustained, or

(c) $0.50 per pound multiplied by the weight of the lost damaged or destroyed Goods.

Forceget Warehouse FBM Rates 2024

Service TypeForceget PriceDescription
Picking (Each’s)$1.10Per Unit
FEDEX / UPS Orders / Process$2.30Includes Label & First Pick Included
Repack / Overpack Labor$1.60Materials additional, means exc. cartons
Carton Fee*Indicated below acc. to size
1. If only 1 unit is ordered, it will be 2.30 USD + 1.60 USD + carton fee
2. If 2 units in the same order then will be 1.1 USD + 2.30 USD + 1.60 USD + carton fee
3. If 2 units are ordered in 2 different orders, will be 2.30 usd+1.60 usd+carton fee) x2 orders

*Small carton (8 x 8): $1.85, Med carton (10 x 10): 2.50, Lrg carton (12 x 12): $3.10 should larger carton be needed, be asked for special quote. May vary based on market conditions.

Why Forceget 3PL Warehouse

Warehouses Both in East and West Coasts

Forceget Warehouse

Amazon FBA Buffer Storage

Track Your Inbound and Outbound Movements 24/7 Online

Amazon SPN Member

Digital 3PL Warehouse Management System

Amazon Warehouse Delivery

Fix Pricing / No Hidden Fees

A Closer Look

Analyze air freight value by examining landed costs. Value efficiency above all else. For insights, use forecasting, compare transportation methods, or examine SKUs.

A Closer Look

Analyze air freight value by examining landed costs. Value efficiency above all else. For insights, use forecasting, compare transportation methods, or examine SKUs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Forceget offers several and key advantages for your warehousing needs:

Strategic Locations: Our network of warehouses in California, Miami, New Jersey, Canada, and the UK ensures efficient fulfillment across North America and Europe.

Data-Driven Efficiency: We leverage data to optimize delivery times based on your inventory location, reducing costs and improving reliability.

Advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS): Our state-of-the-art 3PL WMS provides real-time tracking and easy access to product data for fast and accurate order fulfillment.

Transparent Pricing: You only pay for the fulfillment and logistical services you use, with no hidden fees. Our per-unit cost covers receiving, inventory management, picking, packaging, and transportation.

Free Delivery Date Forecasts: Generate estimated delivery dates for your customers to boost sales and conversions.

We have strategically located warehouses in key regions to serve your business effectively. Our warehouses are situated in California, Miami, New Jersey, Canada, and the UK.

Our advanced WMS streamlines your order fulfillment process by providing several key functionalities:

Real-time Inventory Tracking: Gain instant visibility into your inventory levels across all our warehouses.

Accurate Order Picking: Minimize errors and ensure fast picking with our WMS technology.

Efficient Packaging & Shipping: Our system facilitates efficient packaging and order dispatch for timely delivery.

Our per-unit cost is a transparent pricing structure that covers all fulfillment and logistical services:

– Receiving your inventory at our warehouse.
– Secure storage and inventory management.
– Picking and packing individual orders.
– Transportation to your customers.

Absolutely! We’re well aware that storage needs can fluctuate. Forceget offers flexible warehousing solutions to accommodate your specific requirements, whether you require short-term storage for seasonal inventory spikes or long-term partnerships for ongoing business needs.

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