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All Inclusive Door-to-Door Delivery Rates

Forceget’s user-friendly technology platform streamlines the whole supply chain process, making door-to-door international delivery straightforward.

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Streamline door-to-door delivery, ship to and from everywhere, track ocean freight shipments, and engage with all parties from one platform.

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Book and Plan shipments across ocean, air and truck

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Ship directly from China to USA

All Inclusive Door-to-Door Delivery Rates

Our door-to-door delivery service covers all the steps required for shipping cargo from origin to destination. We offer the best shipping rates and door to door delivery for all amazon FBA shipping from China to the U.S

Why Door-to-Door Shipping?

Efficient Delivery
Facilitating Customs Clearance
Ensuring Streamlined Shipments

Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, it is a delivery arrangement to deliver the product to the customer. Freight forwarders pick up goods from warehouses and deliver them to customers.

Door-to-door delivery is a convenient way for customers to be relieved of contractual agreements where companies provide the necessary paperwork. The benefit you get as a customer is that the shipping company handles your shipments and guarantees safe transportation and delivery to your address.

– Single contact
– Insurance
– Low cost
– Operational efficiency
– Easy to manage

DTD and DDP are similar but different. DTD transports products from shipper to consignee. DDP, on the other hand, is an incoterm used in international trade where the seller bears all costs and risks until the buyer unloads the products. DDP includes customs clearance and transportation. DTD can contain DDP arrangements, whereas DDP focuses on overseas delivery and import charges.

Although the Incoterms® rules do not include a specific term for door-to-door (DTD) shipments, there are commonly used Incoterms that may apply to such transactions. Delivered at Place (DAP) indicates that the seller is responsible for delivering the products to a specified location, usually the buyer’s address, but customs duties are not included. Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) denotes that the seller is responsible for delivering the products to the buyer’s designated location, including all transportation costs and customs clearance.