• Reimbursement

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    What Do We Cover?

    Inbound Shipments

    If there are any problems or damage that the carrier experiences while transporting your item, our program will cover it.

    Lost Items

    Not only does our program cover erroneous reimbursements, but it also compensates lost merchandise.

    Damaged Items

    Things that have been thrown out by Amazon or damaged in the warehouse are both part of our program.

    Customer Returns

    We have a process in place to help with things like returned purchases, incorrect items, overpaid clients, and chargebacks that were not refunded.


    Incorrect weights and dimensions, as well as orders that were overcharged, are covered by our program.

    FBA Audit

    To make sure sellers get all the money they deserve from Amazon FBA, our program checks their accounts and handles reimbursements.

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