International Shipping: Keeping Continuity and Restocking Your Goods

Thanks to the global pandemic international shipping companies are in a lot of mess and this affects most companies out there. Thanks to this situation, these companies face the risk of running out of stock. If you are unable to get your goods on a ship or airfreight for four weeks or more your stock levels will reduce, and these will lead to a loss of clients.

international shipping

So, what do you do to prevent this obvious problem?

The solution would be to ship your goods in small batches to help you restock your goods before the main shipment arrives. All you must do is ship these small amounts of goods through priority oceans services. This helps you keep your business by restocking your goods. In order to do this successfully you need a forwarder from China you can trust.

Faster and Smaller Shipments

Here at Forceget the best international shipping company, we understand the importance of restocking your goods. We understand it is the thing line between growing your business and watching it fall which is why provide LCL Priority service.

You just must follow a few steps:

  • The first step is choosing the right SKUs.
  • Then you should go ahead and book your shipment from a designated LCL Priority port.
  • You should also choose a landing LCL Priority port.
  • Then prepare your suppliers so they can be ready for the cargo.

The max weight for most LCL Priority shipments is 15 Cubic meters and this could be anything from twenty televisions to five air conditioners or even 10 refrigerators. LCL Priority shipments also do not have a minimum weight requirement so they can help you solve your inventory problem and keep you in stock.

Forceget expects this method to be used quickly by companies looking to stay afloat do not waste time looking around, book with us immediately.

There has been a general reduction in inventories across businesses in the U.S and it’s getting even worse according to Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED). The inventory to sales ratio reduced to 1.25 in April 2021 from 1.26 in March and it is expected to go even lower over the months. People are demanding more, and with the shipping chaos right now most businesses are struggling to keep up.

Normally, both inventories and sales should be balanced, as inventories are sold, new ones should fill it up, this would help to bring down the inventory to sales ratio and keep it balanced. This can only happen where the supply chain is balanced, however, this is not so. Inventories continue to dwindle and sales demand increases.

The answer to this is using smaller and faster shipments in between larger shipments. This helps to keep things balanced by helping you restock your business.

If you wish to beat the competition and grow your business, then sign up with Forceget. We are the best at Amazon FBA shipping.