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sell on amazon europe

Sell on Amazon Europe: Everything You Need to Know

Sell on Amazon Europe, which holds a significant share of the European ecommerce market, with estimates ranging from 20% to 30% depending on the specific source and methodology used.   The European e-commerce market will be valued at nearly…
alibaba shipping costs

Alibaba Shipping Costs 101

Alibaba shipping costs are crucial for any business looking to source products from China. While exact costs can vary depending on several factors, statistics show that shipping costs can be a component of the overall landed cost of your goods.  According…
Cost Factors in Air Cargo Shipping from China to the USA

Cost Factors of Air Cargo from China to USA

Air cargo from China to USA has witnessed massive demand in recent years.  The value of global air cargo trade is expected to reach $319.645 million by 2029. With the annual growth rate of 6.62% due to factors like ecommerce expansion and…
Alibaba competitors, Alibaba sourcing alternatives

Alibaba Competitors: Alternative Product Sourcing Strategies

Regarding product sourcing from China, businesses often explore Alibaba competitors to diversify their options and find reliable alternatives.  Marketplace Plus revealed Alibaba’s online marketplace platform, Taobao, had a 59.8% market…
sourcing products from china

Sourcing Products from China: The Best Way

Sourcing products from China has been a continuous and evolving trend. The World Trade Organization (WTO) reported China’s shares of global merchandise trade in goods at 15%, indicating its continued importance as a sourcing destination.  However,…
Most Profitable Items to Import from China

Most Profitable Items to Import from China

The most profitable items to import from China are offered at competitively low prices, making it a lucrative business venture.  It’s not solely about choosing the right product but also about understanding sourcing strategies, logistics,…
causes of shipping delays on Amazon

Amazon Shipping Delays: How to Avoid Them as a Seller

Amazon has revolutionized the retail industry with convenient online shopping and fast shipping. However, logistical challenges strain the system. This leads to issues with order pickups and deliveries. Amazon shipping delays are a frequent…
How to start selling on Amazon UK

How to start selling on Amazon UK: Everything about EORI and VAT numbers

If you’ve finally decided to turn your brick-and-mortar store into an online business, you will want to know how to start selling on Amazon UK.  With the UK ecommerce market projected to have an annual average growth rate of 12.6%…
Freight forwarder vs broker

Freight Forwarder vs Broker: Know the Difference

Understanding the freight forwarder vs broker difference is key in making informed decisions and potentially achieving cost savings of up to 37%. While both play massive parts in transporting your goods, they operate in different ways.    What…
DDP Shipping, delivered duty paid

DDP Shipping: #1 Guide for 2024

DDP shipping or Delivery Duty Paid shipping, often referred to as “paid duty”, emerged as a popular choice for businesses hoping for a streamlined and transparent shipping experience.   International shipping could be overwhelming,…
how to import goods from china

How to Import Goods from China: 2024 Guide

Importing goods from China has never been stronger.  With a 28.4% share of global exports in 2023, China remains the world’s manufacturing powerhouse, attracting businesses of all sizes seeking competitive pricing and diverse product…
top amazon ppc tips for success 2024

Top Amazon PPC Tips For 2024 Success

In the rapidly evolving world of Amazon advertising, staying ahead means constantly adapting and refining your strategies. And that’s never been more important than it is right now with more ad placements in search results than ever before. While…

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