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    Forceget 3PL Warehouse Locations

    Discover the power of Forceget’s 3PL warehousing services. 3PL warehouses are located in both East and West Coast, Canada, and the UK.

    Forceget Warehouse FBM Rates 2024

    Service TypeForceget PriceDescription
    Picking (Each’s)$1.10Per Unit
    FEDEX / UPS Orders / Process$2.30Includes Label & First Pick Included
    Repack / Overpack Labor$1.60Materials additional, means exc. cartons
    Carton Fee*Indicated below acc. to size
    1. If only 1 unit is ordered, it will be 2.30 USD + 1.60 USD + carton fee
    2. If 2 units in the same order then will be 1.1 USD + 2.30 USD + 1.60 USD + carton fee
    3. If 2 units are ordered in 2 different orders, will be 2.30 usd+1.60 usd+carton fee) x2 orders

    *Small carton (8 x 8): $1.85, Med carton (10 x 10): 2.50, Lrg carton (12 x 12): $3.10 should larger carton be needed, be asked for special quote. May vary based on market conditions.

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