Order Fulfillment and Store Replenishment

Expect More Options, Service and Expedited Service with Co-Logistics’ Store Replenishment and Order Fulfillment Services
We have the solution that won’t keep your customers waiting and your bottom line from sinking. Time is money and retail real estate is costly. Keeping your shelves stocked and goods ready to go directly to a customer when you get an order is the hallmark of great service.

Expect more options and opportunities with Co-Logistics Fulfillment and Replenishment Services. We have strategically located warehousing that can receive and stage your inventory. Technology solutions that put you control of your goods. Our service and delivery teams are available to respond on schedule or as needed, even the same day. We help you meet the demands and expectations your customers will rely on.

Co-Logistics specialize in warehousing, order fulfillment, pick & pack, and transport. We provide a cost effective solution for small-medium sized business, e-tailors and entrepreneurs.
“On demand” means that when you need it.You only use what you need, whenever you need.

Co-Logistics offer a web based online fulfillment service for ecommerce and EBay sellers.

Co-Logistics who want to build a meaningful international business need to make shipping goods across borders and oceans a straightforward and painless process with no surprises for the consumer. They need to instill confidence in international customers and make it just as easy for them to order.

Co-Logistics do this for you. We make it simple to fulfill international orders.
Throughout the fulfillment process, Co-Logistics manage all of the international aspects of transactions as a transparent and trusted third-party partner.

We know which is the best shipping service route, and transshipment point, best suited to your budget and requirements. Let us offer you our knowledge and experience of cargo shipping to make the best choice for you.