What is the fastest shipping from China?

China which is popularly known as the world’s factory is a major source of import goods for most countries of the world. There are various ways of shipping items from China to any region in the world. These shipping modes include express shipping, air freight, and ocean freight.

Timing is an essential factor that influences the choice of shipping mode and even profit in the long run. There are some goods with less timing such product can be shipped with sea freight that takes a longer time. But there are some products with specific time requirements. An importer who deals with such goods with time priority needs to utilize the fastest shipping option for shipping from China to meet their product’s timing requirements. The fastest shipping option from China to the United States of America or any other continent is express shipping or courier. The express freight, which takes 2 days to 5 days, involves the use of a single courier or shipping company that effectively manages the entire shipping process from the beginning until the ship gets finally delivered.

Express freight is the fastest shipping mode because it involves less custom clearance, and the courier has taken care of the shipping process. Express freight typically offers door-to-door shipping makes it not only the fastest by the most convenient. However, express freight is only ideal for shipping small shipments of about 150 kilos.

The fastest shipping mode from China for a larger volume of items is international air freight, which is between 5 – 15 days. Airfreight takes longer days than express freight because it involves different carriers and more shipping processes than express freight. But the shipping option is fast and more reliable than sea freight. Air freight is also best for delicate shipping shipments. Sea freight, on the other hand, has the longest transit time. Shipping from China to any region involves 25 days or more transit time depending on the destination of the cargo. On the other hand, a door-to-door shipping service covers all the steps required for shipping cargo from origin to destination. Door-to-door service includes the pick-up, shipment, customs, delivery, ground transport, handling costs. Forceget offers the best shipping rates and door-to-door delivery for all Amazon FBA shipping from China to the US.

Shipping products that have time priority from China requires the fastest shipping mode, so importers of this kind of product often choose between express freight and air freight depending on the shipment size. However, importers have to pay more for any of the two shipping options compared to sea freight.