What is the best way to ship from China to US?

Shipping From China to US can be done via express shipping, air freight or sea freight, but the best among these methods has no universal answer. Three major factors determine the best shipping method for you. These are:

Product and Load: What are you shipping, and how big is it?
Destination: Where will it be delivered; at the warehouse or a small office
Timing Requirement: How quickly do you need the product? Is it time-bound or not?

Product and Load

Some products are too heavy and large to ship by air. Also, shipping some large products can still be done with specialized aircraft requires cumbersome documentation processes. So, If your products fall within any of these categories, sea freight may be ideal for you. However, if you are shipping products with less than one cubic meter dimension, air freight will be a suitable option for you. Meanwhile, it is often safer to ship high-value cargo by air freight.


The end destination of your goods and how the cargo will be unloaded is important for selecting an ideal shipping method. So, find out if the China third-party logistics companies offer end-to-end delivery that allows your products to be delivered at your choice warehouse, small commercial building, or residential area. This will assist you, and the logistics service provider meets the best shipping method requirements for your product.

Timing Requirements

Timing is a significant factor that must be considered before choosing your ideal shipping plan. Delay at delivery of some products for a certain season like the fourth quarter could result in loss. If timing is a priority, it’s best to ship the product by air, which is the fastest shipping means. However, suppose the timing is not that important. In that case, it’s less expensive to transport your shipping by the ocean to a popular ports close to your final destination in US, then truck to your final destination.

It is crucial to note that the choice of shipping method affects sales price. So, if the timing is important to you, you have to ship by air, which costs more than ocean freight. Ocean freight from China to US via sea takes up 25 – 50 days depending on the route.

The impart of Chinese and US holidays can also influence your shipping plan. Deliveries may be delayed because of these holidays if viable prior shipment plans are not put in place. Shipping delays are common during Christmas. It is also important to pay attention to not only Christmas but also to Chinese new year (in February) during which life really slowens in China.

Congestion during this festive period leads to air and sea shipment delays. Shipping terminals and warehouses are often overwhelmed with the parcel. To beat delays during the festival period, you might consider working with inventory in this season. This prevents delay to some extent.

Going by this, it becomes obvious that there is no absolute answer to the best way to ship from China to the US. Just choose the way that works best for you after considering the earlier mentioned variables.