How to ship freight from China to US?

The three main methods of shipping from China to US include:

• Air Freight
• Ocean Freight
• Express Freight
• DDP or DDU (Door to Door)

Knowing and choosing the right shipping method for your product saves you cost and time.

Air Freight From China To US

Air freight is the fastest shipping method from China to US; it typically takes between 20 and 30 days. It is the preferred shipping option for importers that moving time-sensitive goods from China to US. Air freight is not only fast, but it is also safe and reliable.

However, these benefits of air freight come at a high cost, making it the most expensive shipping method.

Shipment weight and volume typically determine air freight rates. Carriers often charge by dimensional or actual weight depending on one with the more expensive figure.

Air freight charges include fuel surcharge, terminal handling charges, security surcharge, airport transfer charges, custom brokage fees, pick up and delivery cost, etc.

Ocean Freight From China To US

With an estimate of 90% of all shipping done by ocean freight, it is by far the most common international shipping method. Ocean freight is best for shipping high volume and heavy shipments, making it the most cost-effective method of shipping large quantities of goods from China to the US. Apart from being cheap and having low CO2 emissions compared to the shipping method, ocean freight involves fewer restrictions than air freight.

But the major downside of ocean freight is that it takes a longer time compared to other shipping methods. Air transport is 30 times faster. Port congestion, weather, or customs issues often causes the delay. The heavy duty capacity of ocean freight makes your goods more prone to damage compared to other methods.

Ocean freight may be categorized into two types: full container loads (FCL) and Less than container load (LCL).

FCL involves shipment orders large enough to occupy the entire shipping container. While the LCL involves orders that are not large enough to fill an entire container. The shipping orders are often combined with others to shipment to fill the container.

It is measured in cubicle feet and charges by volume. The extra cost involved in ocean freight include LCL consolidation charges, custom security surcharge, terminal handling charges, fuel surcharge, insurance cost, pick up and delivery cost, storage charges, routing charges, custom brokerage fees.

Express Freight From China to US

Express freight, as the name suggests, is used for shipping products on short notice. Though it involves air transportation, it’s faster than air freight. But air freight can be used for shipping larger products compared to express freight. It’s time-efficient and cost-effective for shipping small items. Express freight shipping is often entirely handled by a courier or shipping company such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

DDP or DDU (Door to Door) International Shipping

DDP or DDU, which stands for Door-to-Door, is a service that provides picking items from supplier factories’ doors and direct delivery to Amazon FBA, with all prices included, so there are no extra or hidden costs, no difficulty, especially dealing with Customs, and no surprises. The freight forwarder gives Amazon Sellers an all-included price per kg in this transportation option, so everything is set up front. We strongly advise Sellers to use this strategy in order to avoid unpleasant surprises during the transaction.