How much does freight forwarding cost from China to US?

Freight forwarding cost from China to US varies. Different variables determine the freight forwarding cost. The weight of your container, shipping route, mode of shipping, the shipment’s destination, and more are some of the factors that will be considered to determine the shipping cost.

Ocean freight rate from China to US differs depending on the port of export in China and the port of import in the United States. It also depends on the container type like 20″ or 40HC. Here is some freight on board (FOB) ocean freight prices:

Although ocean freight accounts for 90 percent of shipping from China, express freight and air freight are other ways of shipping from China to the United States. Air cargo can be used when shippers urgently need to get shipments to other countries quickly and reliably. The departure airport and destination port also impact air freight from China to USA.

As prices are so much volatile and changing daily, it is not possible to give a standard price list both for air and ocean shipments. So please contact [email protected] to get actual prices of the week.

In conclusion, when choosing a logistics company to work with, choose one that offers the exact service you need. It could be port-to-port services, door-to-port services, or door-to-door services.