How can I get cheap shipping from China?

Whether online seller, brick and mortar seller, or both, every seller desires to find cheap shipping from China to augment their profit. As such, they always think of various strategies to get cheap shipping. If you are in search of cheap shipping from China, here are simple tips that work like magic:

Find a Supplier that Offers Good Price

Carefully search for a supplier from China that offers products at competitive prices without compromising its quality. This will allow you to make so much profit after reselling to your customers even after adding import duties. So, don’t just go with the first supplier you find in your research. Search for more suppliers and compare their prices and quality to choose the one that can improve your profit. Not all top-quality supply comes at an expensive cost.

Keep Your Options Open

Don’t just settle for one courier service, have many alternatives so you can select one with the best offer. Reason being that each courier service has its own tariff determined by the product length, size, weight, and destination. For example, you might decide to use a courier that charges an extra delivery fee for residential address delivery if you need to deliver to a residential address. Not all courier offer this, therefore take you time to identify couriers that provide your exact desired services. This will save you unnecessary extra costs.

Find a Trustworthy Digital Freight Forwarder

Be careful not to play into the hands of exploitative forwarders from China. Take your time to choose a reliable forwarder without any hidden charges and will always be available to assist you through cross-border shipping and logistics difficulties. Working with a reliable freight forwarder from China saves you stress, time, and money.

Match Your Delivery Plan with your Courier Schedule

Since Ocean freight is less expensive than air freight, you can prepare your delivery schedule to perfectly suit ocean freight. This will definitely reduce your shipping cost massively. Many online merchants explore this tactic to find cheap shipping from China. If you are not shipping time-sensitive products, you can prepare your schedule around ocean freight, and you will get your good at the appropriate time and at a cheaper rate

You May Consider Other Alternative to Flat Rate Shipping

Sometimes flat rate shipping is not the safest and smartest choice. Though you may be delivering items of different sizes, weights, and measurements, sometimes you might be unknowingly paying more even with a flat rate. To find cheap shipping from China, you need to carefully consider the flat rate and alternative prices to settle for the best price that will allow you to gain more.