Are you selling, purchase or manufacturing in China? Are you puzzling how to repack your cargo and label brand in your cargo? Are you puzzling how to manage various vendor in different area in China?

Co-Logistis focus on imporve the logistics service for e-commerce bussniss companies/owners who purchase various cargo from China and sell cargo in web shop. Our e-warehouse is multifunctional warehouse which can take as your owner warehouse to collect, repacking,label, and cosolidate your cargo.

E-Warehousing is the solution which allows anybody anywhere wherever they are to sell products online.

Inspect your products when they arrive at our warehouse to make sure there are no damages and the correct amount have arrived.

Barcode and securely store your products in our purpose built fulfilment facillity.
Integrate directly with ebay and your online shop to retrieve customer orders automatically.
Pick your orders from our warehouse.
Carefully package your customers order.
Choose and organise an appropriate and cost effective carrier to get your customers order delivered.

Handle any customer service enquiries, including refunds, to complete your fulfilment demands.
1. Inventory hassle : we supply inventory counting and update information to let your e-store have the all kinds of goods you sell.
2. Repacking: supply many kinds of goods.
3. Label: under your goods instruction to stick the label on the goods .
4. Separation into individual boxes and pre-zoning.
5. Take pictures when your goods arrive and leave . (or when your customer jsut need to see the real goods picture)

By our local superiority in China, Co-Logistics can be more closer to the suppliers and communication, so that we can better control over local suppliers and more timely receipt of procured goods.

Co-Logistics own abundant customs supervising warehouse sources. We can help you reduce the transportation cost and rent by reasonable scheme and value-added services. Our IT source is very convenient for our customers order managment and cargo tracking.

We know which is the best shipping service route, and transshipment point, best suited to your budget and requirements. Let us offer you our knowledge and experience of cargo shipping to make the best choice for you.