As a retailer or eCommerce website shop, we know many products come from China , so you can ask the China suppliers ship your customer orders to your customer directly. But be careful, you are losing customer since the supplier know your customer and your customer know the supplier, then your customer will buy from the supplier directly, or supplier sell to your customer directly, no any more business for you!

Co-Logistics help online retailers increase sales and profits. Simply select the drop ship option during the order process and we ship to your customers complete with a packing slip and shipping label showing your name or company name instead of suppliers.

  • Co-Logistics warehouse’s features.
  • Packing slip has your name or company name.
  • Registered users can have their logo printed on the packing slip (printed in grayscale).
  • Shipping label on package displays your name or company name.
  • Online tracking.

We know which is the best shipping service route, and transshipment point, best suited to your budget and requirements. Let us offer you our knowledge and experience of cargo shipping to make the best choice for you.