Client Agreement to Share Information

This Customer Agreement to Share Information (the “Agreement”) is between (the “Customer”) and Forceget Logistics, LLC (“Forceget”) and shall have effect from the date set forth next to the Customer’s signature below.

Customer acknowledges and agrees, that in furtherance of Forceget’s performance of certain logistics services on behalf of the Customer, from time to time it may be necessary for Forceget to share certain proprietary information of the Customer with Forceget’s agents and service providers.

Customer further acknowledges and agrees, that while Forceget will make every effort to preserve the confidentiality of Customer’s information and restrict dissemination of Customer’s information to only Forceget’s agents and service providers who are required to have access to the information in order to perform the logistics services for the Customer, Forceget cannot assume liability for any use or misappropriation outside of the scope of Forceget’s performance of the logistics services for the Customer.

By clicking Accept, the Customer accepts the terms of this Customer Agreement to Share Information.