As an Amazon seller, it’s essential to know the most cost-efficient shipping method to Amazon FBA, especially when shipping from China. For a shipping method to be cost-efficient, it has to be cheap and fast. It’s therefore imperative to consider this when choosing Amazon freight forwarders. Shipping from China or other East Asian countries to Amazon FBA can be difficult and sometimes expensive if you haven’t figured how the most cost-efficient shipping method to transport your shipments to Amazon FBA.

In the years before the disruptive Covid-19 pandemic, it’s easy to surmise that sea freight is the most cost-efficient shipping method for Amazon sellers and other importers. However, the pandemic’s negative impacts, such as sporadic increase in demand, limited shipping capacity, container shortage, longer transit duration, and others, have affected ocean freight shipping methods. In fact, the climb in ocean freight by over 500% makes it hard to consider shipping by sea as being cheap. Meanwhile, air freight, a faster alternative to ocean freight, is expensive. So, how do you ship from China at an affordable cost without grappling with a delayed delivery issue? Not to worry, you shall discover that in this post.

The Door-to-Door Delivery Method

The sea door-to-door delivery method or DDP  is a viable new alternative to these two earlier mentioned shipping methods. It allows Amazon sellers to achieve an ideal speed-to-cost ratio. The DDP offers a fast, cheap, and convenient solution to Amazon and e-commerce sellers making it cost-efficient. The DDP is a shipping method in which Amazon freight forwarders or shipping companies pick items from the factory, transport them to the port, handle all the necessary paperwork, receive them at the destination port, and deliver them directly at Amazon FBA with no hidden charges.

In the present era, where port congestions and delayed delivery is becoming a norm, DDP provides the most cost-efficient shipping services to Amazon sellers. DDP ensures the smooth transportation of your shipment within the allotted time, thus preventing you from being out of stock. Delayed delivery is often caused by complex paperwork and custom clearance issues, but your freight forwarder has that covered with DDP.

Another significant merit of DDP involves a streamlined shipping process that allows effective management of the whole process. This lets you track the shipping process from cargo pick-up to documentation, transport, and delivery from the beginning to the end of the value chain. Ensure you work with a digitalized Amazon freight forwarder to enjoy the DDP shipping method’s benefits fully. Working with a digitalized freight forwarder will enable you to access quality and efficient shipping services. These include instant quotation, online payment, 24/7 real-time tracking, delivery notification, responsive customer support, and many more.

For now, DDP is the most cost-efficient shipping method for Amazon sellers. Door-to-door delivery saves you money, time, and effort. So be sure to consider if your freight forwarder provides this service. This will prevent you from possible business losses arising from delayed delivery or being stocked out.

It is critical to examine what 2022 will look like for international shipping from China to US and other parts of the world. Many experts posit that considering the unending increase in demand for goods, the logistics industry is still likely to be clogged with high costs, delays, congestions, capacity, and equipment shortages in 2022. Market studies indicate that these issues will persist until there’s a pullback in demand for goods.

Also, with the emergence of new covid variants like the Delta and Omicron variants, there’s a risk of additional covid-related closure in 2022. Should this happen, productivity and port activities will be negatively affected.

Further, experts forecast that the issue of extended transit time will still be a thing in 2022. According to research, as of early December and mid-December 2021, the Transpacific Eastbound trade lane has increased to a record 106 days, while the Far East Westbound lane has increased to a record 112 days.

Additionally, labour relations and unforeseen events are other disruptive issues that should be considered and prepared against going into 2022.

On a positive note, 2022 will witness an increase in demand for 3pl and 4pl services due to the rise in demand that results in a surge in e-commerce. A study by Allied Market projects that the global 3PL market will hit $1.1 trillion over the next six years. Therefore, 3PL companies that provide warehouses in multiple locations will demand more, resulting in efficient last-mile logistics.

Similarly, 2022 is expected to feature advancements in technology such as Big data, IoT (IoT), and automation of shipping processes. These will make it easier to reduce inefficiency and make informed decisions. With reliable data, you can adequately understand customers’ buying cycle, predict the best mode of transportation and carriers to use to maximize your profit. The increasing demand coupled with a shortage of labour and resources will make shipping digitalization continue to grow in the logistics industry in 2022 and beyond.

How to Manage Possible Logistics Issues in 2022

  • Optimize Container Use: Even though you can’t totally use all the available space in a container, get as close to completely using the whole space. When shipping from China to the US, you may restructure your packaging to maximize your container space.
  • Consider Shipping LCL: Less than container load (LCL) are the shipments combined with other shipments to fill up a container. This saves you the shipping costs.
  • Use Digital Freight Forwarders: you can overcome the issue of congestion, delay, and others by utilizing digital freight forwarders’ service. Some of the services they offer include instant quotation, swift online payment, 24/7 real-time tracking, round-the-clock customer support, reliable trucking services to Amazon FBA or your desired location, instant delivery notification, and more.
  • Establish Measures to Ensure Early Identification of Disruption: International shipping companies should design an early-warning system that enables response to unexpected threats with speed and innovation. Also, shippers should always consider shipping forecasts to know when and how to ship, especially when shipping from China to the US.
  • Supplier should Stick to Cargo Ready Date: a significant cause of supply chain disruption, delay, and order cancellation is the inability of suppliers to meet cargo ready date. Another solution is that carriers need to load several higher containers than they would load if they didn’t overbook once they account for cancellations.
  • Maximize the Available Limited Human Resources: A viable way to address the issue of limited human resources is by deploying warehouse labour solutions such as warehouse robotics, warehouse management software, and other digital solutions. Using an AI-enabled optimization engine, logistics providers can utilize these solutions to broker services and optimize loads, capacity, freight, and routes.
  • Go Green: Engaging in environmentally friendly logistics practices or green logistics is a great way to prevent and manage possible logistics issues. Logistic companies can do this by building eco-friendly warehouses, using biodegradable packaging, electric and solar-powered vehicles, and calculating carbon footprints with softwares.

When it comes to international shipping from China to the US, the Chinese New Year (CNY) is a major annual event that triggers some supply chain and logistics disruption. The Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year is a spring festival celebrated in China and other Southeast Asian countries. It marks the end of the winter and the beginning of the traditional Chinese Calendar.

The CNY is the most significant event in China and is widely celebrated throughout the country. The CNY holiday season involves business closure and increased traveling in China as families and friends celebrate the new year. If you are shipping from China to US or shipping to Amazon FBA from China, a significant holiday you should plan around is the Chinese New Year.

When is Chinese New Year, 2022?

The exact date of the Chinese new year varies slightly. This year the Chinese new year falls on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. Typically, Chinese New Year celebrations last up to seven days, beginning on Chinese New Year’s Eve and continuing through the sixth day of the first lunar month. Meaning, the Chinese New year 2022 is expected to occur between February 1 and February 7, with many businesses and schools closed. However, celebrations can often run until the Lantern Festival, which is February 16. Thus, you can expect production to be closed for the first three weeks of February. Many suppliers may even stop taking new orders as early as December.

How does the Chinese New Year Impact International Shipping?

The extended public holiday in the CNY means many workers receive extra time off to celebrate and travel with family. Thus many factories in China are closed, the absence of workers affects the international shipping companies and importers from China. When you combine this with the increase in demand for specific goods related to the festivities, there is likely to be a significant delay in shipping operations.

Apart from delays, factories also face pressure from clients as early as December for production to be shipped before the holiday starts in February. This pressure from clients increases the risk of a rushed production, affecting product quality.

Unfortunately, these delays will likely continue for some time after the festivities because the re-opening of factories takes a gradual process. Some operations may take up to a month to get back to capacity. Thus, international shipping from China and the entire southeast Asia region are often negatively impacted during Lunar New Year festivities. To avoid delayed shipment, products’ quality issues or high freight rates, it is imperative for shippers to take precautionary steps. It’s essential for you to communicate with your freight forwarder from China or FBA freight forwarder; you will be using 3pl Amazon to prepare for the peak season properly.

What Precautionary Steps should be taken to Prepare for Chinese New Year 2022?

  1. Check the Factory CNY Schedule

The factory CNY schedule will help you determine whether to proceed with your order or not to prevent issues of order delay and quality. We mean when the factory is closing for CNY by factory CNY schedule. During CNY, factory workers may take between three and four weeks off for a holiday. This means that no goods can be produced during that time. So, it’s important you check with the factory to know when they will be closed for the CNY holiday so your order production won’t fall within the rush period or delay after CNY due to order backlogs before the holiday. So, make you time your order in such a way that allows inspection during production.

  1. Order On Time

A major reason for quality issues with orders received a few days before the Chinese New Year holiday is rushed production. This happens because workers are excited to go home, so they rush to finish the orders before the holiday. As such, they rush their orders and can sometimes take unconventional “shortcuts” to see the order completed earlier than usual. This is when mistakes happen if the factory doesn’t have strict quality procedures. It’s, therefore, best for you or your freight forwarder to do pre-shipment on shipment in January or February. Also, ten days to CNY are not ideal for production. It puts your order at high risk of delay or quality issues. Therefore, make plans for your order to be made as early as November or the first week of December. Avoid last-minute orders in January to have time to inspect your order during and after production.

  1. Get the Necessary Documents Ready Early

During the Chinese New Year peak season, the common post-production issue is delays in Chinese custom procedures. This can be frustrating for shippers, so to avoid this endeavor to get all the necessary documents for shipping ready early on or work with a reliable 3pl and always double-check with them to ensure all documents are ready before production. Get all the necessary authorization goods could be blocked if a single certificate is missing.

  1. Plan Shipping Early On

Even after sorting the issue of product’s quality, you need to make adequate preparation for your shipment transportation to avoid unnecessary delay. Prepare early on for the shipping, trucking and warehousing to prevent any form of disruption in the supply chain. Amazon FBA services can cover most of these services, but you are not using 3pl Amazon, be sure to work with your freight forwarder from China for smooth shipment down to the final destination.

  1. Consider Freight Forwarders’ Reputation, Capacity and Pricing

During CNY or after CNY, it is always essential to work with a reliable freight forwarder that also offers digital solutions. During this peak period, it’s normal for most 3pl and some Amazon warehouses to be packed and even more expensive. So, check-in with your fulfillment service provider to know if they can take up your order and compare their pricing with other trusted 3pl. It’s advisable to double-check the shipping pricing from your digital freight forwarder.

  1. Forecast Order can Save You

Planning ahead and providing your supplier with a forecast of your order at the beginning of the year can save you from issues common with CNY, including delayed orders, quality problems, high freight costs, and inflated shipping prices. The forecast order shows how much you anticipate you will order over the year. With this, you can book your production slots for the year to manufacture your items in those designated times, therefore avoiding the CNY rush. Forecast order helps you save designated slots with your supplier; you can drop a project order volume then confirm the exact order quantity closer to the time.

Amazon Brand Analytics is a feature that helps marketers benchmark the performance of their Amazon brand. Let’s find out how and for what purposes Amazon brand owners can use it.

What is Amazon Brand Analytics?

Amazon Brand Analytics, or as it is often called – ABA, provides data reports about how consumers perceive your brand. The tool allows sellers to view valuable insights on the purchase funnel, like what percent of consumers have an interest in their product, what keywords are most prevalent in their conversion funnel, how does the product match up with their target market’s geographic location, which marketing strategies are most successful, etc.

With the help of ABA reports, you get an inside look at what buyers think about your brand and where you need to focus more efforts to strengthen it.

How Does ABA Work?

You must be a brand-registered seller to be able to use this tool. Sign in to your Seller Central, click on Reports and choose the Brand Analytics from the list.

It is quite easy for businesses to get started with the ABA, but the process of using it effectively and getting the most out of it is more complicated than it seems. The data generated by the tool is spread across multiple reports, and getting the context you need to actually translate it into action with positive results can be complex. Still, once you gain some knowledge and experience with it, it will be worth the time and effort.

The six reports provided by Amazon Brand Analytics offer a variety of information at each stage of the sales funnel. You can use this data in your decision-making process regarding product positioning and ad strategies. We are going to cover each of those revealing how exactly they can be used to strengthen your brand.

Amazon Search Terms

As the name suggests, the Amazon search terms report gives you access to data on how people search for products on Amazon. With this report, you can determine how people search for different products. It also provides data on trending keywords on Amazon that can help brands with their Amazon listings optimization.

Amazon Search Term allows to find out the following information about a specific product:

  • the keyword used to discover an item
  • keyword prevalence as opposed to other keywords
  • click/share rate
  • conversion rate

How can you take advantage of this data?

Obviously, you can learn which keywords and phrases drive your most profitable sales. You can also determine which keywords will produce the most clicks when marketing a product and discover new competitive search terms. By defining and using the most relevant keywords, sellers will be able to boost awareness of their products among the shoppers, reach higher ranking and establish a solid presence on the market.

Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior

The purpose of this report is to provide insights into the consideration phase of the funnel. The report allows brands to see which competing products are being viewed and purchased, giving them insights into how their marketing strategies perform. Having access to this data can provide crucial information that is not obtainable from third-party sales channels.

This report discloses the three products shoppers decided to purchase, rather than yours. It also reveals the frequency your product is compared to the top three products. What is the right way to utilize this data?

  • Discover your major competitors.
  • Create a marketing strategy targeting a competitor’s product.
  • Counter competitors’ USPs, provide additional depth to your product descriptions.

Market Basket Analysis

This report allows you to view other products that customers have purchased along with your products. This gives you a visual representation of consumer behavior breakdowns, which helps you determine what other items your buyer purchases. Additionally, you can identify which products will be sold instead of your own, if the buyer makes a change of mind.

So, with this report, you can find out the ASIN and the title of the product purchased most frequently alongside your product. How can you use that to leverage your brand?

  • Recognize possibilities to start a brand-new product.
  • Choose the most commonly purchased products with your company and add them to your target advertisements.
  • Setup or choose which products to roll up together in your promotion plan.


This report provides insights on basic demographic data, like gender, the average number of orders, household income, education, etc. Using this data, brands can gauge the productivity of targeting strategy and make more informed decisions about their future product portfolio. Information on your target audience’s demographics might help you recognize opportunities to market to a new audience and create personalized Sponsored Brand Ads for the audience that you target now.

With the help of this report, you can:

  • Refine your marketing personas.
  • Update your advertising strategy.
  • Get insights on brand-new products.

Repeat Purchase Behaviour

This report carries vital data on brand loyalty among Amazon customers. It is intended to aid in your understanding of the key factors in driving repeat customer transactions.

The report highlights the number and then the percentage of orders and buyers (first-time/repeat) based on their number.

So, what can you do with this information?

  • Understand the impact of repeat sales on your business and bottom line.
  • Discover which products build up repeat purchase traffic.
  • Serve up more repeat purchases, like by advertising.

With its help, sellers can evaluate the success of advertising campaigns to determine if they entice new customers or if they maintain existing customers and drive repeat purchases.

Amazon Attribution

This feature is still in the beta stage and can only be used in Canada, the US, the UK, and a few other European countries. These early adopters are now using this report to understand how their external marketing channels are impacting Amazon sales.

With its help, you can:

  • Learn how external ads impact your Amazon business success.
  • Implement on-demand advertising analytics to maximize the impact of your marketing messages.
  • Find out which of your strategies increase your sales the most and best convert your marketing efforts.

What Metrics Should You Track?

According to CNBC, digital ad spend increased by 12% in 2020. However, it is often not the quantity but the quality that defines the effectiveness of particular ads. Outlining how to communicate best with your audience is challenging for most brands. What’s more, it is impossible to know how your content marketing, social media marketing, PR, and advertising is working unless you use analytics. So, brands are turning to ad monitoring tools to get detailed insights for targeted advertising campaigns.

Here are the top metrics your brand should be tracking in Amazon Brand Analytics in 2021:

Final Word

As your brand image increases or lowers, you’ll want to know what is driving that change. Amazon Brand Analytics can help with that. Combined with its powerful search capability, this tool can help you learn how consumers are perceiving your brand and where you can take your strategy next. The data contributed by Amazon Brand Analytics is a valuable point of reference for a seller who would like to better understand their potential customer base and augment their business strategy.

The issue of product sourcing is one that every Amazon FBA seller must resolve before shipping to Amazon FBA from China. Product sourcing is essential for the overall success of Amazon sellers, so it need not be taken with levity. If you’re an Amazon FBA seller and looking to learn more about product sourcing from China to Amazon FBA, you will find this post helpful.

The post provides you a concise guide about how to source products from China for Amazon FBA. We will look at the meaning of product sourcing, sourcing methods from China to FBA, tips for effective product sourcing, and how to find the right sourcing agent.

What is Product Sourcing?

Amazon FBA product sourcing means the process of finding or creating products to sell on Amazon. So, basically, to get the product you intend to sell on Amazon, you decide to work with the manufacturer to produce for you or buy in wholesale or retail arbitrage if you are just starting out. This lets us to methods of product sourcing.

Methods of Sourcing Amazon FBA Products From China

There are various methods or ways of sourcing your products from China to Amazon FBA. The type of your product, nature of the market, and competitors are some of the significant factors determining the best methods for your product sourcing from China.

Below are some of the top methods of sourcing products from China

1. Manufacturer

This involves working with China-based manufacturing to create your private label brand, design an original product for you and handle the branding packaging and the listing. You will need to conduct thorough research or seek recommendations from a competent manufacturer to work with. You can either do this yourself or use the service of a third-party product sourcing agent. This method is suitable for an established entrepreneur but may be risky if the product doesn’t sell well.

2. Wholesaling

In this method, you don’t create your product; rather, you buy from a China-based wholesaler then ship to Amazon FBA. This method is ideal for a new entrepreneur. This method lets you start small, build a smooth relationship with the established brand over time, and sell products with pre-existing sale data. However, the product you will be selling won’t be your own brand, and many other online retailers will be selling the same product.

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping for product sourcing involves listing a product from suppliers and pay for them only when they sell. However, Amazon FBA logistics don’t allow suppliers to send items to your customers on your behalf. Unlike traditional dropshipping, you will have to go through FBA and the product to Amazon.

4. Retail Arbitrage

The retail Arbitrage method involves sending products you find at big box stores in China to Amazon to resell. Retail arbitrage can also be done online, where you get products on and resell on Amazon.

5. Handmade Products

You could also source your products from crafty entrepreneurs that produce handmade products. This method can be very affordable, but you may have issues with scalability.

Tips For Effective Product Sourcing From China For Amazon FBA

After understanding the different product sourcing methods, it’s vital to intimate you with some tips you can apply for effective product sourcing from China to FBA. Irrespective of the product sourcing methods you are using, you need to apply these tips below to make intelligent decisions.

1. Evaluate Your Profit Margins

To avoid making the wrong product sourcing decision, you need to know your real profit margin. The real profit margin includes the cost of the product, shipping from China to Amazon FBA, refunds and unsellable inventory, Amazon PPC cost, Amazon FBA storage, Amazon FBA freight forwarder costs, and other Amazon FBA logistics costs.

2. Study Market Demand

Take your time to study market demand for a product using appropriate metrics meticulously. You can get valuable insights into market demand from social media surveys, social listening, and google trend reports. This will help you know if the product demand is declining or booming. It also lets you know if the product demand is seasonal or demanded year-round.

3. Know Your Competitors

Irrespective of how you intend to source your products from China, it’s important to know your competition. Conduct comparative research to discover how much your competitors sell the product and if you are creating your product, consider the price of similar products. Also, understand how the product price fluctuates. Major factors to consider during your comparative research are price, sale volume, sales rank, customers reviews, seller rank, seller information, and estimated cost.

4. Consider if the Product is Easy to Ship

Another expedient factor to consider to make a smart problem sourcing decision is the nature of the product. What’s the product weight? Is it a perishable product? Lightweight products are easy to transport, have less damage risk, and are cost-effective. You can easily ship the through air freight or express freight.

5. Source For Product That Allows Improvement

Customers’ reviews and feedbacks are very important, so it’s advisable to consider a product that can be adjusted or improved to meet buyers’ needs and requirements. You can study products reviews to know the malleable products.

6. Production Cost and Process

Understanding the cost and process involved in producing certain products will help you make smart product decisions, especially if you plan to work with the manufacturer to create your product. Products like electronics, glass, and complex products require high expertise and quality control procedure. So, if you’re starting at Amazon, it’s you might want to start with less complicated products.

7. Compliance with Country Standards

Before starting your products sourcing process, be sure to understand all the specific standards of the country you will be selling the product. These standards range from safety standards to patent or intellectual property conflict, quality standards, and legal requirements of the country.

How Do I find the Right Sourcing Agent In China?

A product sourcing agent is a third-party professional that liaises between manufacturers and retailers. If you aren’t in China to work with the manufacturer directly, you can select a sourcing agent. Working with a reliable source agent allows you to gain access to ample reputable suppliers contacts.

Here are some of the ways to find the right sourcing agents in China:

1. Consider choosing an agent located near the manufacturing hub. This will save you some cost.
2. Check the agent’s English and Chinese language proficiency to prevent any form of communication gap.
3. Seek reference or past clients reviews of the agent
4. Interview different sourcing agents to gauge their experience, expertise, the scope of their sourcing service, product specialty, relationship with manufacturing agency, and more.
5. After choosing a reliable sourcing agent, be sure to an elaborate contract that includes the transaction scope as well as responsibilities of the parties involved in the contract.


Product sourcing expertise is a never-ending learning process. Whether you’re an experienced Amazon seller or just starting, you need to study the market trend and your competition to optimize your product sourcing process. A solid understanding of product sourcing will enable you to source profitable FBA products, which will result in business success.

Every seller knows the importance of pricing for their Amazon business. Having a reliable pricing strategy will not only benefit your Amazon business, but also your marketplace position, goals, and branding.

In the context of Amazon, pricing plays a crucial role in running a successful business. It does not only affect the customer’s final decision whether to purchase your Amazon product or not; it also impacts your chances of winning the coveted Amazon Buy Box.

Amazon sellers can use an Amazon seller tool known as an automatic or AI repricer for a dynamic repricing strategy to achieve competitive pricing and improved sales performance.

Understanding Amazon Repricing

To give you a better perspective on how vital pricing is, Amazon has imposed strict Product Pricing and Selection Guidelines on its platform. Being able to offer a reasonable price to shoppers is essential to Amazon. The eCommerce giant prides itself worldwide as an affordable online destination for consumer products.

With that vision in mind, Amazon sellers are likewise encouraged to offer competitive pricing for their Amazon listings through a reliable Amazon repricing strategy.

Amazon Repricing & Repricers

If you are to guess the top three criteria for product purchasing of shoppers, pricing should be on your list. Since pricing is so important, online sellers tend to offer competitive prices and make constant price adjustments.

The changing of listing prices across marketplace listings is known as Amazon repricing. It is a method used by Amazon sellers to offer competitive prices to their customers.

These price changes can be executed manually, semi-manually, or automatically. To proceed with the aforementioned repricing methods, sellers make use of a seller tool known to many as an Amazon repricer.

Manual repricing as its name would suggest, allows Amazon sellers to adjust listing prices manually for every item in the seller’s inventory through the Amazon Seller Central interface or another third-party platform. Sellers who are starting out and those who have smaller operations or want total control over their repricing tend to use a manual repricer, likely Amazon’s own repricer.

On the other hand, rule-based repricers are often easier and more efficient for sellers to use. They provide sellers with the ability to react instantly to competitive price changes on Amazon. This likely happens in real-time. However, this method requires sellers to set up complex and well thought out rules and conditions for each individual listing which is very time-consuming and open to human error.

Both manual and rule-based repricers tend to reprice down instead of up which causes aggressive price wars on Amazon and means sellers tend to sell at their minimum listed price as opposed to closer to their maximum price.

Last but not the least is the AI algorithmic repricer. This type of repricer applies an algorithm to automatically set a competitive listing price depending on all known market conditions. This type of repricing yields a greater ROI since it uses a learning algorithm to tailor pricing strategies for optimal profit.

The AI Repricer: A Closer Look

The AI repricer or automatic repricing is a highly utilized Amazon seller tool because of its convenience. Whether it is a user-based review or industry study, AI repricing is known to provide multiple proven benefits.

AI repricing, like Seller Snap, is a self-learning intelligent repricing tool that is capable of adjusting prices automatically and in real-time. The price adjustments made by an automatic repricing software are based on carefully evaluated factors such as overall marketplace condition, price change notifications, and the competitor’s behavior.

With the help of an AI repricer, sellers will have better chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box. It consistently delivers competitive prices favored by the Amazon Buy Box algorithm. This also means that no set-up is required in terms of sellers applying rules and logic.

Say no more to the “race to the bottom” pricing strategy. With an AI repricer, your listing price will be adjusted to a price point not detrimental to your profit margin. This means that you will win the Amazon Buy Box at an optimal price.

Should You Use a Repricer for Your Business?

Automatic repricers are favorable for Amazon sellers, especially if you are a high-volume seller. Here are some known benefits of using an AI repricer.

Multiple Factors Consideration

Unlike manual and rule-based repricers, an automatic repricer gives users a competitive edge because it does not only consider price when adjusting listing price. Aside from price, an automatic repricer takes into consideration marketplace conditions and other relevant factors for efficient and competitive repricing.

It Helps Avoid Emotional Decisions

Repricing out of fear, panic, or anxiety can be detrimental to your Amazon business. To avoid impulsive repricing decisions, it is best to use an automatic repricer. Since it operates with the use of algorithms and the evaluation of multiple market factors, price changes are not influenced by the seller’s emotions.

It Decreases Human Error

Since repricing is automated with AI repricers, human errors can be avoided. Using manual or semi-manual repricers for numerous listings can be exhausting physically and mentally. Hence, increasing the chances of committing mistakes when repricing.

Win More Amazon Buy Box

Winning the Amazon Buy Box is crucial for your Amazon venture. If you wish to increase the Amazon Buy Box win rate, it is best to use automatic repricers. With the competitive and efficient price change delivered by AI repricering, the Amazon algorithm will likely consider your listing for the Buy Box spot.

Quick and Effective

Speed is one of the benefits of using an Amazon AI repricer. Since it can respond to marketplace changes in almost real-time, your pricing strategy will become more instantaneous and efficient. Thus, giving you more time to deal with other essential aspects of your Amazon business.

Final Thoughts

The use of an automatic repricer will simplify your repricing approach and deliver a competitive edge in terms of winning the Buy Box and avoiding price wars.

However, sellers should recognize that Amazon’s success is not hinged on pricing alone. There are other factors to take into account including product sourcing and shipping. When it comes to importing cargo overseas to Amazon FBA warehouses, Forceget is your reliable partner.

With a sophisticated platform, you can manage all of your shipping goods, containers, and more from its unique interface. Therefore, making product sourcing overseas much easier.

Door-to-door Shipping Company

International freight shipping is an essential component of international trade, so countries worldwide depend on international shipping companies for efficient transportation of their goods globally. International freight shipping can either be done by air or ocean. In the US, 38% of exports and imports were transported by sea.

In the past, transporting goods across countries involved strenuous processes and many intermediaries. However, technological advancement that facilitates door-to-door international shipping streamlines the international shipping processes and ensures fast, efficient, transparent, and less expensive transportation of goods globally.

In the post, we shall examine the meaning of door-to-door international shipping, how it works, and important factors to consider to select the best door-to-door international shipping company.

What is Door-to-door International Shipping?

Door-to-door International shipping involves collecting of goods from a location in a country and delivering the goods at another location in another country. That means goods are transported from the shipper’s door to the consignee’s door. Door-to-door international shipping can be done by air, sea, rail, or express.

The mode of shipping saves you stress, time, and money. The shipping company manages the entire process of transportation. They pick up your goods from the shipper’s warehouse, provide necessary paperwork for custom clearance (for both exporting and importing countries), collect the goods from port and transport to the consignee’s doorstep.

Unlike port-to-port shipping, door-to-door shipping guarantees the safety of your consignment. So, door-to-door shipping mode is very reliable for international shipping, for instance, shipping from China to the US. Digital freight forwarders even make door-to-door international ship faster and more reliable because they offer automated solutions for better tracking, transparency and safety of your goods. This enables Amazon FBA logistics to guarantee quality service.

Door-to-door international shipping makes it possible for people with less knowledge of international shipping process to transport large goods internationally without bottleneck and unnecessary expenses. Thus, makes shipping from China to US directly to your home or warehouse is easy. But how does shipping from China to US works?

How Door-to-door Shipping From China To US Works

The door-to-door shipping from China to US process is straightforward when you use a reliable international shipping company. First, you need to select a trusted freight forwarder from China. The freight forwarder from China picks the container holding the shipment from China, transports it to the port, and complete all the necessary paperwork with China custom authorities.

Before the Shipment from China gets to the US port, the freight forwarder from China must have discussed with the carrier on your behalf and put everything you need in place. Then the journey to US will commence.

Immediately, the cargo is delivered in the US; your agent will handle the customs clearance with their intermediaries. Once the tariffs are paid, the cargo will be released and loaded in a truck for transported to your address.

Shipping From China to US is that easy, but only if you choose the right international door-to-door shipping company. Now let take a closer look at how to choose a door-to-door international shipping company.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Door-to-door International Shipping Company

  1. Freight Forwarder Experience:

Before settling for a freight forwarding company to handle your international door-to-door shipping it’s essential you consider the company’s years of experience. Reason being that, such company will have specialist understanding of the processes involved in this mode of shipping. They will know how to handle circumstances like shipping reroutes, port shutdowns, and striking dockworkers. Also, prevent unnecessary mistakes like loss of shipment.

  1. Enquire About The Company’s Partners:

It’s also important to know the partners or agents that the China freight forwarder will be working within your US. Try to know their success track record and their experience when it comes to dealing with different kinds of shipping situations.

  1. Verify The Company’s License And Insurance:

To prevent custom issues or loss of good, you need to verify your prospective shipping company license of operations in both countries and their insurance. This will prevent you from dealing with a fraudulent company. For instance when shipping from China to US via ocean the shipping company must be registered with Federal Carrier Safety Administration, but also maintains a Federal Maritime Commission License for ocean freight forwarding.

  1. Consider Your Service, Budget, And Schedule:

The service and shipping rates offered by different international shipping companies vary. Be sure to choose a company that offers the specific shipping service you need  and at the rate you can afford. Most importantly, consider if the schedule meets your expectations considering the type of goods you are transporting. This will prevent damaging of your goods.

  1. Consider The Company’s References:

Before choose an international shipping company, it’s advisable to read about what previous clients have to say about them. With this, you can discover the company’s level of efficiency, customer service, experience, and reputation. The testimonials page on the shipping company’s website is a good place to start. With this, you can narrow down your list and select the best company.

  1. Customer Service is Key:

You should select international freight forwarding company that can keep you updated round the clock about the state of your shipment. This afford you the assurance you need to be sure your shipping is in safe hands and will be delivered accordingly.

Thanks to the global pandemic international shipping companies are in a lot of mess and this affects most companies out there. Thanks to this situation, these companies face the risk of running out of stock. If you are unable to get your goods on a ship or airfreight for four weeks or more your stock levels will reduce, and these will lead to a loss of clients.

So, what do you do to prevent this obvious problem?

The solution would be to ship your goods in small batches to help you restock your goods before the main shipment arrives. All you must do is ship these small amounts of goods through priority oceans services. This helps you keep your business by restocking your goods. In order to do this successfully you need a forwarder from China you can trust.

Faster and Smaller Shipments

Here at Forceget the best international shipping company, we understand the importance of restocking your goods. We understand it is the thing line between growing your business and watching it fall which is why provide LCL Priority service.

You just must follow a few steps:

  • The first step is choosing the right SKUs.
  • Then you should go ahead and book your shipment from a designated LCL Priority port.
  • You should also choose a landing LCL Priority port.
  • Then prepare your suppliers so they can be ready for the cargo.

The max weight for most LCL Priority shipments is 15 Cubic meters and this could be anything from twenty televisions to five air conditioners or even 10 refrigerators. LCL Priority shipments also do not have a minimum weight requirement so they can help you solve your inventory problem and keep you in stock.

Forceget expects this method to be used quickly by companies looking to stay afloat do not waste time looking around, book with us immediately.

There has been a general reduction in inventories across businesses in the U.S and it’s getting even worse according to Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED). The inventory to sales ratio reduced to 1.25 in April 2021 from 1.26 in March and it is expected to go even lower over the months. People are demanding more, and with the shipping chaos right now most businesses are struggling to keep up.

Normally, both inventories and sales should be balanced, as inventories are sold, new ones should fill it up, this would help to bring down the inventory to sales ratio and keep it balanced. This can only happen where the supply chain is balanced, however, this is not so. Inventories continue to dwindle and sales demand increases.

The answer to this is using smaller and faster shipments in between larger shipments. This helps to keep things balanced by helping you restock your business.

If you wish to beat the competition and grow your business, then sign up with Forceget. We are the best at Amazon FBA shipping.

The past year has been a very stressful and tiring year thanks to the unforeseen event of the pandemic and its adverse effects on the world of global shipping and e-commerce. Thanks to the pandemic, the pricing of shipping by sea from China to the US, EU, and the UK evolved.

2020 was the year when international freight forwarding was brought to a complete halt and international shipping companies were sidelined.

While there are a lot of events that have affected shipping from China to US, there’s a more serious event to contemplate, for Amazon FBA Sellers, one that’s having real-world consequences right now. The scenario in the Port of Yantian (Shenzhen), that have arisen as a result of enhanced COVID-19 restrictions in the Shenzhen area. It is jeopardizing efficiency and the capacity to ship ocean freight from China to US.

There is no margin for mistakes for Amazon FBA Sellers who import their goods from China to US and EU.

Amazon FBA Sellers had so much turmoil in the last year both due to Covid-19 restrictions, Amazon inventory level restrains and international shipping difficulties from China. So much turmoil that much of the shipping and FBA community are still in shock.  Despite these setbacks we still expect a lot more stability to be achieved in the coming month, especially for international shipping. It going to be a very busy summer and with the arrival of peak season, Amazon Sellers that aren’t ready to ship now may be left behind.

If the typical lead time for shipping from China to the US ocean shipments is increased from 35 to 65 days, along with an increased backlog in moving freight via a single port, there is essentially no margin for mistake.

We believe that this year, for international freight shipping, with all of the volatility of the previous year, rolling out peak season freight will take on a whole new significance.

We must emphasize the importance of strategy and data in giving the right decisions for international freight shipping.

There are some views gained over the last months that can assist Amazon Sellers and Amazon freight forwarders to grasp the current situation for global shipping.

Ocean Freight from China to US

  • In H1 2021, the volume of transatlantic commerce for China-originating shipments increased almost by 50% over the same period in 2020.
  • Shipping lines are continuing limiting capacity back to Asia, increasing their rates in every fifteen days. Throughout June, higher peak season surcharges are also expected.
  • In one year time, spot prices per TEU for China to US shipping lines were 500% higher!!  Rates for 40HQ containers from Shanghai to Los Angeles run from $12,000 to $15,000 (Shenzhen – LA).

Air Freight from China to US

  • Air freight costs from China to the United States are greater than in previous years, with current indexed rates roughly double those of Q1 2021. Furthermore, a 50% capacity constraint is being caused by a lack of sufficient storage space for finished goods in use.
  • China and Hong Kong to US air freight prices increased nearly 200% compared to 2019.

Looking Forward…

We continue to keep a close eye on the daily news stories and data streams to see how things are progressing while hoping that things get better. We are also very confident that the demand for capacity and increases in the volume of ocean freight will remain the same thanks to the arrival of peak season.

The only thing we can tell for sure is that strategy and managing the entire shipment lifecycle, from port to port and door to door, are dependent on the correct partnerships and technologies.

Ocean freight demand is expected to continue through 2021, and maybe into next year, according to industry experts. However, big liners are planning to invest billions of dollars in maritime freight capacity. So, despite everything, there is hope on the horizon, but it won’t be a complete return to normal.

How can Forceget help?

Forceget is a top choice as an Amazon logistics service provider because it is a focused Amazon FBA logistics. We offer a broad variety of services for Amazon FBA sellers, with a network of warehouses both in the East and West Coasts of US, Canada and in China.  Warehousing, full container load (FCL), less than container load (LCL), air and door-to-door transportation to fulfillment facilities are all included.

We also have a digital platform, where our customers can easily manage their inventory levels since they can track the exact location of each shipment.

How well you handle your inventory as an Amazon FBA seller is a key factor in your success at FBA Shipping. Reduced storage fees and inventory costs, as well as increased overall profitability, are all benefits of proper inventory management.

The Inventory Performance Index, or IPI, is a built-in indicator that helps Amazon FBA sellers track their inventory performance over time. This metric is an important indicator for Amazon Freight Forwarders as well as Sellers, since they can only meet this metric’s requirements if they work in harmony. The IPI is intended to assist Amazon FBA sellers and FBA Freight Forwarders in completely comprehending the state of their inventory so that they can be as efficient and lucrative as possible.

What does IPI mean for Amazon FBA Sellers and FBA Freight Forwarders?

The IPI score, according to shipping to Amazon FBA, assesses how effective and efficient you and your Amazon Freight Forwarder are in managing your FBA inventory. It has a scale of 0 to 1,000, with higher numbers indicating better performance.

All Amazon FBA sellers must satisfy a minimum threshold score set by Amazon. If you fall below that threshold, Amazon will impose storage restrictions on your account while shipping to Amazon FBA until your inventory condition improves. The Inventory Performance Index (IPI) threshold is 450; anything above 450 is considered a “high” IPI score.

Your IPI score is influenced by a few important elements that can impact Sellers Amazon FBA storage capacities and ability to use specific Amazon FBA programs:

  • Maintaining a healthy balance between sold and available inventory while avoiding surplus inventory
  • Avoiding the cost of long-term storage
  • Fixing issues with your postings
  • To meet client demand, keep bestselling products in stock.

Essentially, Amazon employs the IPI score to verify that their own FBA capacity is used efficiently; that is, the products that sellers are keeping in FBA warehouses are goods that consumers want and will not go unsold for long periods. Running not out of stock is not only an Amazon FBA Sellers success alone but also its FBA Freight Forwarders. A successful Amazon Freight forwarder should guide about the best shipping methods in terms of cost vs speed and keep its promises about on time delivery.

How can an Amazon FBA Seller increase its IPI score?

  1. Boost your conversion rate

Amazon prefers sellers to have a good 90-day rolling purchase rate, which puts them in the “green” on the IPI chart.

An Amazon FBA Seller can run a sale to promote conversions, promote its products, fine-tune its keyword targeting approach, and use more engaging listing images to enhance its sell-through rate.

  1. Excess inventory should be reduced

Amazon does not want to hold unsold goods.   Amazon may also suggest that Amazon FBA Sellers set up an “Amazon Outlet” offer to sell overstocked or out-of-season items quickly.

  1. Be proactive when it comes to listing concerns

If you have any abandoned inventory or other listing difficulties that are stopping buyers from purchasing, address them as soon as possible.

  • Check your trapped inventory percentage on a regular basis so you can address the problem before you start spending more in storage fees.
  • Maintain a healthy inventory balance between sold and remaining items.
  • Maintain optimum inventory levels for your most popular products (between 30-60 days of supply)

Amazon FBA Sellers must check their inventory dashboard on a regular basis to make sure they’re on track.

What happens if my IPI score falls below the threshold?

Amazon FBA Sellers will be subject to inventory storage constraints if their IPI score falls below the minimal requirement.

As you may recall, Amazon announced new ASIN-level FBA inventory restrictions based on sales volume in July 2020. While brand-new ASINs were limited to 200 units, older listings were given far more flexibility. FBA products will no longer be subject to those restrictions as of April 22, 2021.

Instead, Amazon has imposed restocking restrictions based on storage type. Amazon now limits the amount of FBA inventory you can keep at fulfillment centers to your entire account, rather than by ASIN.

Many Amazon FBA Sellers who only use one sort of FBA storage are dissatisfied with this development, as it limits their ability to keep current ASINs in stock as well as launching new products.

Now that Amazon has made this significant move, Amazon Sellers should keep a watch on their storage restrictions. Even if they have refill limits in place, they must make sure that they maintain a healthy IPI score, since this will at the very least keep their storage expenses low.

If the IPI score is below the limit and have low restock limitations and storage volume, Amazon Sellers should consider employing a third-party fulfillment center to avoid overstocking in FBA. So, Amazon Sellers must prefer Amazon Freight Forwarders who has a an extensive warehouse network both in the East and West Coasts.

You’re on the right way to become a successful and profitable Amazon FBA seller if you can correctly manage your inventory.

How can Forceget help?

Forceget is a top choice as an Amazon logistics service provider because it is a focused Amazon Freight Forwarder. We offer a broad variety of services for Amazon FBA sellers, with a network of warehouses both in East and West Coasts of US, Canada and in China.  Warehousing, full container load (FCL), less than container load (LCL), air and door-to-door transportation to fulfillment facilities are all included.

We also have a digital platform, where our customers can easily manage their inventory levels since they can track exact location of their each shipment.