Empowering Amazon Sellers


Emersion is a successful Amazon Seller, who is selling various tools for homes, offices, schools, and crafting. They are also quite rooted as an ecommerce selling company. They also became quite popular with the ratings they received from selling on Amazon since numerous years, earning them thousands of 5-star ratings on each of their products listed.

Emersion encountered various hurdles as an e-commerce entrepreneur working in the competitive world of Amazon, ranging from supply chain management to customs clearance. Forceget emerged as the option that not only saved thousands of dollars but also greatly simplified the entire procedure.

Forceget’s Services & Emersion’s Vision

Forceget’s services, tailored to Emersion’s strategic needs, streamline their operations and support market expansion. Through innovative logistics, smart warehousing, and data-driven management, Forceget aligns closely with Emersion’s vision, enhancing efficiency in a competitive e-commerce marketplace. This collaboration enables Emersion to focus on growth and product development, illustrating the impact of service alignment with client objectives for success.

Seamless Operations in China

The smooth coordination with Emersion’s dedicated staff in China is one of the most notable characteristics of Emersion’s engagement with Forceget. This collaboration has aided in the simplification of contacts with suppliers, saving both time and money. Forceget’s China team’s knowledge and local insights even resulted in cost-cutting solutions that benefited both Emersion and their suppliers. This collaborative approach demonstrates Forceget’s commitment to forming mutually beneficial alliances.

Excellence in Customs Clearance

Navigating the complexity of US customs can be difficult and expensive. Emersion understood that conducting customs clearance on its own would have resulted in additional costs, such as the hire of specialist staff. Forceget, on the other hand, handles customs clearance expertly in-house. This assures compliance while also resulting in significant cost savings. Furthermore, Emersion’s accountant has merged effortlessly with Forceget’s operations, ensuring a trouble-free and compliant financial operation.

Emersion uses Forceget’s 3PL smart warehousing system for long-term storage as well as fulfilment, giving a flexible option to maximize their Amazon business. Long-term storage at Forceget’s facility helps Emersion to avoid exorbitant FBA expenses, which are a typical issue for many Amazon Sellers. Furthermore, Forceget’s fulfilment services assure timely order processing and delivery, increasing customer happiness and contributing to Emersion’s success on the Amazon marketplace.


Finally, Emersion’s collaboration with Forceget has enabled them to prosper as an Amazon Seller. Forceget has shown to be a beneficial ally in areas ranging from efficient supplier management and cost-saving initiatives to faster customs clearance and adaptable 3PL warehousing. Emersion now operates in the competitive world of e-commerce with increased convenience, cost-effectiveness, and agility, and they look forward to additional growth and success as a result of their cooperation with Forceget.