Will Amazon Japan Ship to US?

When it comes to other countries, the grass is greener on the other side for many Americans. And some Americans prefer nations from the opposite side of the planet, specifically Japan.

84% of Americans see Japan in a positive way. Some take this further, developing a deep fascination with Japanese culture and entertainment.

Will Amazon Japan Ship to US

These consumers may be unable to find certain items, such as anime collectibles, novelty snacks, and rare manga, in the US. Therefore, they will go to Amazon Japan to purchase their desired Japanese items.

This poses a huge opportunity for Japanese e-commerce sellers, who can target devoted buyers on the other side of the world.But will Amazon Japan ship to the US?

Will Amazon Japan Ship to the US?

Short answer: yes. Amazon Japan will ship items to American consumers. The US, like Japan, is part of the Amazon Global Program. That means sellers located in countries in the program can sell and ship their products to any of the 65 participating countries.

The long answer: there are many considerations to know first. These include logistics and regulations that differ from Japan to the US.

We will discuss all these considerations in another section. Before we do, Japanese sellers should know that they may attract buyers from other foreign countries. Which other nations can Amazon Japan ship to?

Will Amazon Japan Ship to Other Countries?

Other nations outside the US consume Japanese media and entertainment and will want to purchase specialty items made and sold locally. What are other Amazon Japan international shipping options and policies? Here, we’ll break this down by country:

  • UK. Since the UK is part of the Amazon Global Program, Japanese sellers can ship their products to this nation.
  • Canada. Canada is also part of the Amazon Global Program, so Japanese sellers can ship their products here.
  • Australia. While Australia is part of the Amazon Global Program, not all states can receive Japanese parcels.
  • New Zealand. New Zealand has the same issue. This nation is part of the Amazon Global Program but may not be able to receive all parcels from Japan.
  • Philippines. ThePhilippines are part of the Amazon Global Program, so you can ship to this nation.
  • Africa. You can ship items to South Africa and Egypt.
  • Europe. Several EU member states are part of the Amazon Global Program. It’s still best to check before shipping parcels to customers in this region.
  • Other Asian countries. Certain Asian nations are in the Amazon Global Program, such as China, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Palau, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan.
  • Middle East. Amazon Japan can ship to some Middle Eastern countries, such as Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Double-check Amazon’s policies if shipping to any country outside these regions.
  • Latin America. Many Latin American nations are part of the Amazon Global Program. Always check before shipping to this region.

International Shipping Options

What are your shipping options when sending products from Japan to the US or other countries? First, many Japanese sellers start with Amazon’s system.

Japanese sellers who use Amazon FBA can do this easily since Amazon will store your items at their global fulfillment centers and handle all shipping for you.

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If you aren’t on FBA, you have other options. While you can ship via Japan Post Service, many sellers use parcel forwarding services to ship internationally–including to the US. These services are more affordable; some even offer customizable or branded packaging.

Will Amazon Japan Ship to US

Considerations When Shipping From Japan to the US

Before sending your products to international customers, many factors will impact the experience for you and your consumers. Here are some examples.


There’s a considerable distance between Japan and the US. Therefore, sellers will run into logistics issues when shipping to American customers.

There are only two shipping options for Japanese sellers: ocean and air freight. Most sellers choose ocean freight because it’s cheaper. Ocean freight is more flexible; sellers can use this option for small and large parcels.

Unfortunately, ocean freight takes a long time–American consumers may have to wait 15-20 days to receive their item.

That said, you still have options. Amazon international FBA is a popular option among Japanese sellers, and there are several third-party international parcel delivery services.

Cultural Barriers

Even in shipping, there are cultural barriers between Japan and the US. Japan’s shipping distribution system is complex, especially regarding certain industries such as food and beverage.

If sellers don’t use FBA or a third-party service, they will find it difficult to ship certain items internationally.


Shipping items from Japan to the US comes with different fees to customers; in addition to the price to ship the item, your customers must pay a customs fee. Fortunately, you and the customer will know these prices ahead of time.

Amazon in Japan and most freight forwarding services will calculate necessary fees so no one is left in the dark.


Japanese sellers must adhere to certain regulations when shipping products to customers in the US. You’ll be required to show documents for customs clearance, such as a packing slip and invoice.

FBA and other freight forwarding services may work with other shipping agencies in the US, such as USPS or UPS. These agencies may also have their own requirements for international deliveries.

Can Customers Sign up for a Japanese Address?

Freight forwarding services also offer another option. Customers can sign up for a Japanese address, usually sent to a warehouse owned by the freight forwarding company.

The retailer will ship the parcel to the Japanese address, and the freight forwarding company will pass the item to the customer’s home address. This method simplifies international shipping for sellers so they can focus more on their business.

It’s best to discuss this last option with a freight forwarding company and communicate this method to your customers.

Which Japanese Products Are Most Popular Among Foreign Customers?

Now that you know how to ship to the US from Japan, it’s time to stock up your inventory with products that will appeal to American buyers. But which items will fare better with American consumers?

Japan is known for its high-quality items and sleek designs, so Americans will love anything from toys to the latest technology. Of course, items based on Japanese entertainment are always popular. Anime is the perfect example; you’ll want to focus on collectibles, toys, and plushies.

Americans also can’t resist a good snack, and Japanese food items are always popular. Candy like Pocky is always a popular pick among Americans.

Amazon Japan International Shipping FAQs

How do I sign up for Amazon FBA?

To start, sign up for a Seller Central account on Amazon. From here, you’ll register for FBA through your Seller Central account.

How much will my customers pay for shipping?

This depends on the type of item, size, and the shipping method they choose. If the item is small, customers usually pay around $35 after all fees. But if the customer purchases a large or bulky item, shipping and duties charges can amount to $65.

Who pays for international shipping fees, the seller or the customer?

The customer. Sellers are only responsible for shipping the item. Customers are the ones who pay all required fees, such as shipping, taxes, and duties. That said, if sellers use a third-party shipping or freight forwarding service, the business must pay their fees.

Amazon also charges fees for sellers who use FBA.

Will any shipping information be available in English for my customers?

Yes, most shipping documents will be available in English for American consumers.

Will Amazon Japan Ship to the US? You Have Options

Japan and the US participate in Amazon’s Global Selling Program, so your American consumers should have no problem receiving your items. International customers from other countries can also receive your products, depending on whether their region participates in the Amazon Global Selling Program.

That said, there are several considerations that Japanese sellers should make when offering international shipping. While many sellers choose FBA, freight forwarding and other third-party services are available. Sellers must abide by any regulations from US customs and delivery services. Your customers should also know shipping times and fees.


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