What has happened Amazon FBA shipping from China to US? Will it recover again?

What has happened Amazon FBA shipping from China to the US? Will it recover again? In this article, we will be talking about it.

what has happened Amazon fba shipping

Amazon shipping to US is a little messy nowadays…

Forceget would like to share its perspectives on the apparently endless issues that both Amazon FBA sellers and third-party logistics providers face in today’s global transportation industry. Every month, our organization handles tens of international shipments in all ways. This category includes ocean, air, door-to-door, and courier transportation. Our Amazon FBA Seller customers are constantly asking us, “What should I do?”

To begin, it should be acknowledged that structural flaws existed even before Covid’s arrival for shipping from China to Amazon FBA.

Overcapacity and a lack of space management had been causing ocean carriers to struggle for years. They continuously imported larger vessels to attain economies of scale, putting a strain on the port and transportation infrastructure. This lengthen the durations of ocean freight for Amazon FBA shipping from China to US.

Capacity management has always been a strength of air carriers. Historically, Amazon FBA shippers could rely on air freight to be a generally dependable means of transportation, though with occasional origin/destination handling and peak-season difficulties. Freight forwarders for Amazon FBA should carefully direct its customers based on their inventory levels and speed needs.

Several factors are at play in the Amazon FBA shipping from China to USA current supply-chain crisis, which appears to be on the verge of collapsing. Many of these factors can be said:

  • During Covid lockdowns, there was an increase in demand for consumer goods. Especially among Amazon FBA sellers.
  • Excessive reliance on Chinese and Southeast Asian imports boosted demand shipping from China to Amazon FBA.
  • Unemployment benefits have been increased. Transportation service providers, warehouses, air cargo processing facilities, and transportation companies are all facing significant workforce shortages.
  • Government antitrust restrictions do not apply to ocean carriers. This enables them to cancel sailings on a regular basis to lower capacity and raise fees.

Amazon FBA Shippers shifted their cargo from the ocean to the air, putting a strain on air cargo capacity.

What can Amazon FBA shippers do to help their supply chains, which are already overburdened?

  • Make use of service providers who can supply real-time information since real-time tracking is very important for Amazon FBA Sellers.
  • Work with companies who give a variety of carrier and service options.
  • Provide early purchase-order information to service providers to aid proactive planning.
  • Rather of demanding unrealistic results, form collaborations with qualified service providers to identify answers.

Forceget is committed to offering complete supply-chain solutions to assist Amazon FBA shippers in navigating the challenges of today’s world. Our crew is available to assist you with all of your shipping needs.