Scaling On Amazon: How To Maintain Control – And Win – As You Grow

Scaling on Amazon and any enterprise brings with it increased logistical and management demands. If you’re an Amazon seller, take those typical demands and add to them the additional factors that come with selling on Amazon.

Anyone selling on the world’s largest retail platform knows there are requirements for the Amazon marketplace that must also be met.

How do you set yourself up to maintain control and oversight as you grow?

scaling on amazon

The Challenges

On Amazon, you’re not only running a standard business; you’re running one that must follow certain rules. One that operates within an entire, unique ecosystem.

Amazon FBA:

  • Acts as a layer between you and your customers, bringing convenience as well as complexity.
  • Has a thorough, multi-tiered fee structure.
  • Makes it a challenge to know vital information, like profit.
  • Includes a complete, full-featured advertising system.
  • Introduces a whole new set of required logistics

Each of these adds factors that must be considered when scaling.

While making it easy for online sellers to attract, sell, deliver to, and support customers, the flip side of that is that selling on Amazon requires you to have systems in place designed specifically for that platform. As you add products, as sales increase, any cracks in those systems, any weaknesses, rapidly become exposed.

Finding them after the fact can quickly become overwhelming.

For that reason –  the approach you take to your Amazon scaling solution – especially early on – is just as important as the actual actions you take.

Which is at the heart of this:

Is there a “best practice” way to scale?

The Scaling Mindset

Building strong foundations is key. This is true in all cases, but when it comes to Amazon, this is particularly relevant. Understanding what will be needed, and preparing for that future, is what will enable you to comfortably embrace expansion.

Have you ever held yourself back in fear of not being able to handle the load? Maybe you didn’t think you had what it took to do something? Perhaps there was a chance at something good, but in order to do it, you had to forge into an area of uncertainty. Or you simply didn’t feel prepared.

This can happen to business owners. When a sudden spike comes knocking, when the volume of sales gets too high, if you’re not prepared doubt can enter into the equation.

Consciously or unconsciously, if you aren’t confident in your ability to get bigger, those sorts of doubts can have an impact. They may even hold you back.

The best approach is to arm yourself in advance with the tools and services which will provide that strong foundation. In that way, you’re confident and ready to embrace higher volume, no matter how big you get.

Having the right mindset is where it starts.

Setting up the systems that will comprise your foundation is where it gets real. 

Game Changers

Amazon is not new. For that reason, solutions to help you manage your Amazon business are well-established and robust.

One of the things Amazon solved for many retailers early on was warehousing. FBA made it easy to stock inventory and deliver it to customers, without the need for maintaining your own warehousing and delivery system.

As noted, however, this brought with it a whole new set of required logistics.

On top of that, this once-simple option has only increased in complexity over the years. With all-new fees, complicated thresholds for space usage, and so on, the Amazon FBA of today takes way more expertise to manage. Are you ready for the additional effort that means if your business doubles? Triples?


Enter Forceget, a One-Stop-Shop tailored to Amazon Sellers, digital retailers, and ecommerce businesses, with door-to-door shipping that provides a hassle-free experience for you as an Amazon seller. Forceget can help you build that scalable foundation for all your Amazon logistics needs.

Then there’s the task of managing your Amazon account itself.

Knowing that vital information you need to run your business gets more and more difficult as you add products, marketplaces, and brands. Amazon presents unique challenges due to that layer of removal. This is the convenience factor that attracts retailers – even as it can rapidly overwhelm them.

Tools like ManageByStats, a suite of software tools for Amazon sellers, bring clarity and insight to the Amazon confusion, cutting through that layer of removal and putting you in direct contact with your data, thus giving you the ability to know the vital information you need in order to make smart business decisions. No matter how fast you grow.

Building your foundation with the right systems prepares you to expand with confidence.

Embracing Growth

If you’re selling on Amazon, you owe it to yourself to look into reinforcing your operations with solid tools and services that will help you scale on the world’s largest online retailer. Because of its sheer size, Amazon can be hugely challenging. It can also be hugely rewarding.

If you’re ready.

Embrace your potential for growth by preparing yourself to scale with confidence.

With the right foundation you become fully prepared for scaling on Amazon, to infinity and beyond.