Product Testing Campaigns: The Secret Ranking Strategy No One Talks About

The Secret Ranking Strategy No One Talks About

There are 2 vital factors that influence how successful your e-commerce brand is on Amazon:

1. Is your product easy to find and visible to potential customers?

2. How’s your conversion rate?

The truth is that you can have the highest quality product in the world. You can create the best offer Amazon has ever seen.

However, all your efforts are useless if nobody knows your product exists. In fact, 70% of Amazon shoppers stick to the first page of search results. If you are not there to showcase your products, few people will know about them and this will affect your sales.

While most sellers know how important it is to optimize product listings, there’s one lesser-known strategy that can make a significant difference in your visibility.

Introducing Product Testing Campaigns – Amazon sellers’ secret weapon for skyrocketing their visibility and sales in an efficient and unique way.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through what exactly are Product Testing Campaigns, why they are so powerful for Amazon sellers, and what results you can expect after trying this unique strategy.

What are Product Testing Campaigns?

Product Testing Campaigns extend beyond typical approaches to customer engagement and offer a new way to gather direct feedback from real customers.

The goal of a Product Testing Campaign lies in finding authentic product testers who have a genuine interest in your niche and providing them with your product free of charge. The outcome of these campaigns is a trove of authentic survey results that provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what customers truly think about your products.


Beyond invaluable customer insights, it’s a secret weapon for boosting sales velocity and ranking higher. Amazon favors listings with higher sales because, let’s face it, Amazon loves sales and wants to showcase products that resonate with buyers and sell more.

Not only will you be able to access genuine customer feedback, but you can leverage product testers to get your product to the top of organic searches on Amazon.

The Concept Behind Product Testing Campaigns

Imagine that you have developed the most amazing yoga mat. Listening to reviews and improvement suggestions, you created the best product in your niche. However, your product appears on the last page of Amazon, and no sale has come since you uploaded it.

There are other lower-quality products that sell more than yours, just because they are on the first page of search results for specific keywords.

Despite your product’s amazing features and benefits, it remains obscure due to its lack of strategic visibility. On the other hand, low-quality products with better visibility tend to sell well.


Keywords are the gold mine that every seller seeks to exploit. The higher your products rank for relevant keywords, the greater your visibility and sales potential.

This is how product testing campaigns work: product testers help you rank higher on relevant keywords that you aim to appear on Amazon’s page 1.

5 results you can expect after a Product Testing Campaign

1. Boost Your Visibility and Sales

Therefore, customers can easily find your products. Using Product Testing Campaigns can help you dominate your niche and reach potential customers before your competitors do.

This will increase sales and get you closer to earning the Best Seller badge.

2. A Deeper Understanding of the Target Audience

The real magic of Product Testing Campaigns lies in the insights they provide.

Testers are carefully chosen to represent your target audience, and their feedback offers a valuable perspective on your products.

This feedback helps you gain a better understanding of how your potential buyers are likely to react, enabling you to tailor your strategies more effectively.

3. Identifying Improvement Areas for Your Products

Rather than learning about product flaws from unhappy customers through negative reviews, product testers provide constructive feedback. Their feedback will be in the form of a short survey about their purchase and the product experience.

This feedback helps you pinpoint areas for improvement, ensuring that your future customers are satisfied and more likely to return for future purchases.

4. Enhancing Product Listings and the Shopping Experience

Product testers’ survey results can offer insights into the accuracy of your product listings, the quality of your product photos, and the overall shopping experience.

Armed with this information, you can make informed changes to enhance your product listings and shopping experience, making them more appealing to potential buyers.

5. Building Social Proof and Brand Awareness

Testers often become brand advocates, recommending your products to their friends and family.

This word-of-mouth promotion can significantly boost your brand’s social proof and awareness, leading to increased sales and brand loyalty.

The 4-step process to conduct your first Product Testing Campaign

Step 1: Analyze the product niche

Plan your strategy by determining the most relevant keywords to rank. The best way to get started is to focus on long-tail keywords first. And then, over time, you can focus on niche-specific short-tail keywords.

Step 2: Setup the campaign

Decide how many products you’ll give away to testers and how many you’ll need to rank on the keywords you picked in step 1. Also, prepare clear instructions for the product testers on how to order their products from you.

Step 3: Discover genuine product testers interested in your niche and offer them a product for free

Now is the time to find testers that fit your target audience. It’s critical to look for people who match your avatar so that the feedback they provide to you comes from using the product and benefiting from it.

Step 4: Evaluate the results

When the Product Testing Campaign ends, you will receive authentic survey results from the testers. Based on these responses, you can get a general perspective on what customers think of your products.

At the same time, because of the orders placed by your product testers, your product was ranked higher on Amazon’s algorithm for the specific keywords they used to search.

So not only do you receive genuine feedback and ideas on what to improve in your listings and product and shopping experience, but at the same time, you elevate your product and get it on page 1 on Amazon for strategic keywords.

The Game-Changer Strategy for Ranking Products on Amazon

By harnessing the power of Product Testing Campaigns, sellers can elevate their product’s visibility, enhance their understanding of customer preferences, and build stronger brands.


With this simple yet powerful and highly efficient ranking strategy, you can skyrocket your product and sales, all while constantly building a loyal audience that loves your brand and recommends it to close friends and family.

If you are ready to take your Amazon business to another level with this revolutionary and highly effective strategy, the good news is that you don’t have to do everything yourself.

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