How to Select Freight Forwarder for Amazon FBA

One of the most complicated aspects of selling on Amazon is international shipping. To avoid issues with shipment transportation, customs clearance, and damage of goods, it’s best to use the service of a professional Amazon FBA freight forwarder.

An Amazon FBA freight forwarder is a person or company that helps Amazon sellers to coordinate the entire shipping process professionally. They handle custom clearance and ensure your shipment gets properly moved from the manufacturer to the oversea port, the destination port, and finally, the Amazon fulfillment center.

Here are the key points to consider when looking for the best freight forwarder to go for in Amazon FBA.

freight forwarder

Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder;

1. Amazon FBA Experience

Not all freight forwarders have experience in shipping to Amazon FBA. So, it’s essential to confirm if the one you will be working with has experience shipping to Amazon FBA. Using an experienced Amazon freight forwarder allows you to enjoy Amazon Seller Central deals on ground transportation. This enables you to create a shipping plan in your Seller Central account, prepay for the trucking, and provide your freight forwarder with the prepaid labels.

2. Air and Sea Freight Experience

Also, you need to be sure that a freight forwarder has experience in both air and sea logistics. Sometimes you might find yourself in a position to transport your goods by air due to an inventory emergency. So, working with a freight forwarder who can handle both sea and air freight methods will put your mind at ease if you are too busy to organize it yourself.

3. Custom Clearance

Carefully consider if a freight forwarder handles all necessary paperwork and other tasks pivotal for custom clearance. Also, ask if they can provide the custom bond. These are vital to prevent any form of delay in delivery.

4. Shipping Process

Before choosing to work with a freight forwarder, ensure that they handle all shipping processes and confirm if they offer cargo insurance. This will ensure a smooth shipping process and the safety of your shipment.

5. Digital Services

Ultimately, it’s best to work with a freight forwarder that offers digital services. These services include instant quotation, online payment, 24/7 real-time tracking, round-the-clock customer support, and many more. There are many freight forwarders that provide digital service where you have the chance to get further information about your shipments whereabouts, and to your luck, Forceget is among these freight forwarders. For more information, make sure to contact us.