How to Avoid Unscheduled Downtime While the Ocean and Inland Transfer Durations Doubled Compared to Pre- Corona Times

Bringing goods from Asia to their final destinations in the United States has become a logistical nightmare.

The battle for equipment is fierce. Ports are congested, ships are idling at sea, and dwell periods are excessively long. The equipment ruckus reappears after you reach the inland.

Ocean shipments from China to the US West Coast takes about 60 days to arrive; and even more to East Coast. In 2019, those timelines were almost half of this.

If you’re willing to maneuver at all points along the journey, you have a chance of cutting transit times. As Forceget we recommend that you improve your logistics approach, treat the chaos as an obstacle course. Let’s analyze the subject step by step.

Ocean Freight

At The Point of Origin, Guarantee the Equipment

Delays begin at the origin.

If you have a confirmed reservation, do everything you can to avoid missing the ship. Suppliers, consignees, and freight forwarders may all be aligned on the same shipping details thanks to centralized data. With, our digital platform, you can stay on time by having visibility into cargo-ready dates, drayage, and paperwork.

A continuous container surge, on the other hand, may leave you with little options. The boxes are in high demand. If you’re still looking for equipment, consider LCL or other wiser consolidation solutions. You can talk your options with expert Forceget team, as they have more than 10 years’ experience in international logistics.

Avoid Congestion at the Port

The ocean journey is relatively foreseeable after your cargo sets sail. The traffic bottleneck begins just outside of California and is one of the most significant challenges you will face. Delays here could jeopardize all of your operations beyond this point.

Every week in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland is insane, with 1.5 to 2 times the volume compared to 2019.

Most schedules will be postponed by 1 to 2 weeks as a result of the delays. In many cases, arrival dates are unknown till the last minute. The linger times are also challenging. A cargo catching a train or truck can reach 20 days or even more.

However, scenario planning, visibility and a caring logistics partner might assist you in avoiding port congestion. So as Forceget, we will be your trusted and transparent partner to handle these though times with our real-time tracking software, digital platform and boutique 7/24 customer service.

Request Attention and Visibility from Your Freight Forwarder for Inland Transportation

You can receive the information you need to secure chassis once they become accessible by getting in touch with your freight forwarder’s operation team. When it comes to managing barriers, having a variety of solutions is the only way to go.

As Forceget digital platform ( is integrated with UPS/Fedex and its truck companies via smart APIs, you will have both the priority to reach the empty capacities of the truck suppliers and enjoy the visibility of your goods until the last mile delivery.