Have Your Sales Skyrocketing this Amazon Prime Day 2023

Selling in today’s kind of lifestyle is not very hard. But it’s not a walk in the park either. If your goal is to rise above the competition, you’ve got to have a clear strategy mapped out—from marketing, promotion, inventory, actual selling, to shipping and after-sale service support.

With Amazon Prime Day fast approaching, it’s hard to do all of these things in a snap. In fact, you can’t. As a seller in a highly profit-driven and fast-changing marketplace, you’re vulnerable to all the external pressure piling up.

Luckily, you don’t have to start from scratch. Here are some important insights you can (or MUST) consider to fully prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023.

amazon prime day

Largest Sale of the Year

Amazon is the world’s largest online selling platform, with over $121,000,000,000 in net sales in 2020 alone. And just this April 2023, it received around 2,200,000,000 visits worldwide! No wonder why millions of sellers flock over the Amazon Marketplace.

Note that these are the numbers on a normal basis. Imagine what would it be like during peak seasons, like a sale for example?

Amazon has 200,000,000 Prime Members all over 20 countries. With this many participants, it’s no surprise that Amazon Prime Day surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales combined last 2019. So you can safely say Amazon Prime Day is one of the largest sales of the year, if not the largest.

Exciting, right?

There are limitless possibilities for you and your business during Prime Day.  But setting your goal is not enough. You can achieve and even exceed your target only if you prepare for it.

Challenges for Amazon Sellers

Even on a normal day, success is not guaranteed. If you’re currently encountering challenges even as your business is now, expect this to magnify during a large and highly anticipated sales event like Prime Day.

Here are the most common issues sellers encounter as they prepare for the big day. Keeping yourself aware and familiar with such can help you find ways to resolve them as they arise—or better yet, before they even arise.

Marketing & Promotions

How can people buy your products if they can’t find it? Invest in product listing optimization and advertising. Incorporating high ranking keywords and keyphrases in your product and ad copy can increase the visibility of your products, consequently attracting more prospect customers.

Buy Box

Aim for the most coveted position in the Amazon platform—the Buy Box. Winning the Buy Box gives you an extra advantage against your competitors because your product would be the most convenient one to check out, especially if shoppers are pressed with time because of the limited offers during that day.

Competitive Pricing

With the rising demand from shoppers comes the increase in the supply by the sellers as well. You can ride with the tide and lower your prices to become more appealing, but remember, you don’t have to do this at the cost of your reasonable profit. Do your best to achieve a balance between competitive pricing and profitability.

Inventory Management

Because it’s a sale participated by millions of shoppers and sellers all around the globe, the supply and demand of products are expected to climb up tremendously. And what should you watch out for the most? Your inventory. Make sure you have just the right number of products available to avoid shortages and surpluses.

Fulfillment and Shipping

Here’s the most crucial part during Prime Day. Most of the time, consumers get discouraged purchasing something on sale because of the seller’s history of inefficient order processing or very slow and costly shipping. Since orders come in bulk during this season, fulfillment and shipping would be the most challenging.

Extra Helping Hands Won’t Hurt!

As a seller, you shouldn’t do everything in your business all by yourself. You know what you should be focusing on—selling. So never mind operating the Seller Central 24/7 on your own, or replying to customer inquiries one by one, or editing the copy of your product listing page, or learning essential technicalities from scratch. Investing on your manpower is never a waste of resources.

So how do you address this major concern? Hire Virtual Assistants. But be careful. You can’t engage with just anybody you found on the web. It’s safer to hire from an agency who already pre-trains your VAs for you.

Virtual Assistant Academy Philippines (VAA) offers VA services tailor-fitted for Amazon sellers’ needs. VAA selects their VAs for their exceptional skills and experience and trains them comprehensively to become experts in their field.

Here are the VA services you can consider availing of:

You can reach them here if you have any further questions on which service suits your needs best.

Forceget to the Rescue

Let’s cross a major item out of your list of must-haves for Amazon Prime Day, shall we?

If you’re looking for a dedicated team of digital freight forwarder that offers a Hassle-Free Amazon FBA and a Door-to-Door International Service, see none other than Forceget. It offers not just the fastest but also the cheapest air shipment options for Amazon Sellers like you. With a Digital Portal available, you can:

  1. Receive real-time quotes
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Who doesn’t like convenience, right? Forceget is a One-Stop-Shop that you can access at your own home. Its global presence across continents ensures you a wide variety of carrier and supplier networks.

Forceget focuses on you so you can focus on your business.

Ready. Set. Fly.

It’s okay if as of today, you’re not all set for Amazon Prime Day yet. There is still time to get ready. All you need is a strong dedication to your customers and openness to seek and receive external support. You can’t do this alone—you’ll have to acknowledge that so you can have your sales skyrocketing this Amazon Prime Day 2023.