DOs and DON’Ts of Inventory Stocking for Amazon Prime Day

For Amazon sellers like you, there is only one event that could either make or break your year’s sales records—Amazon Prime Day. If you prepare well enough, you could maximize the surge of millions of possible customers who are out for a shopping haul. But if you let it pass, be ready to say goodbye to unrealized profits that could have put you a step closer to your 7-figure goal. In short, inventory stocking for Amazon Prime Day is essential for getting ready.

From PPC advertising, to listing optimization, customer service enhancement, inventory restocking, and more—there are just so many aspects of your business to attend to. But since we’re talking about the biggest Amazon sales event of the year, let’s first focus on inventory restocking. After all, you’re targeting to sell a lot in this very limited period.

How to Approach Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is a war. But you’ll almost never guess against whom. In order to win it, you have to know your “enemies.” Here they are:

  • competitors
  • time
  • understocking
  • overstocking

The first two, you can control. But the last two are definitely solely dependent on you. So it reiterates our main focus in this article—inventory restocking. 

Of course, when you anticipate an influx of traffic during a specific time frame, your inventory levels ought to be ready. Do you have enough stocks to match the demand? Or are you wasting storage space and fees and risking product spoilage/expiration/deterioration due to overstocking? Let’s find out what your inventory should look like during a sale as big as Amazon Prime Day.

Inventory Situation During Sale

The amount of orders is always the highlight during any sales event. That’s why Amazon sellers must focus more on their inventory situation and how to fulfill orders properly. With this at stake, it’s important to take note that there are around: 

  • 200,000,000 unique monthly Amazon visitors
  • 9,700,000 Amazon Sellers
  • 230,000,000 Amazon Prime Members
  • $12,000,000,000 worldwide sales last Amazon Prime Day 2023

So, if you want to stay on top of the game, it won’t hurt to consider the following DOs and DON’Ts in your inventory restocking strategy:


1. Consider demand spikes in advance.

Being able to forecast demand spikes accurately enables you to plan appropriate inventory levels and prevent stock outs during peak periods.

2. Stock up significantly in top-selling items.

Maintaining increased inventory levels of these products can help you meet customer demand effectively and prevent wasted sales opportunities.

3. Track competitor deals to gain information as to pricing.

Make use of software programs and tools that offer real-time insights into the actions of your competitors to modify your pricing.

4. Use Prime Day keywords to boost the visibility of your listings.

Using a targeted approach increases the possibility that potential customers will find your marketing campaigns when they are relevantly searched for.

5. Partner with a trusted logistics company for a streamlined supply chain.

Reliable logistics providers can offer comprehensive tracking systems, prompt delivery, and efficient return handling.


1. Don’t wait until the last minute to restock.

Timely restocking guarantees steady accessibility of products for customers and reduces the risk of supplier delays.

2. Don’t forget to have real time checks on inventory levels.

Monitoring inventory levels on a regular basis guarantees operational effectiveness and raises customer satisfaction.

3. Don’t risk mistakes by hurrying packing procedures.

Orders that are carefully packed both lower the likelihood of damage during transit and improve the unboxing experience for customers.

4. Don’t forget to optimize your PPC campaigns for Prime Day.

Optimize the use of Prime Day-related keywords, modify bids to stay competitive, and develop striking ad content emphasizing exclusive offers.

5. Don’t let the rush cause you to overlook customer service.

To earn your clients’ loyalty, respond to inquiries promptly, settle issues quickly, and manage returns efficiently.

Tips from the Experts

Whether you are a new seller or already crushing your way in the Amazon business year after year, it’s always value-adding to gain helpful insights from the experts themselves. And the number 1 tip you’ll get is this—don’t navigate this path alone. 

Partnering with the right entities could be the upgrade you’ve been waiting for. There’s nothing more reassuring than knowing that the two most crucial parts of your business, namely, the supply chain and your workforce, are already being taken cared of by your partners who are also conveniently on top of their own games. 


Forceget is a centralized platform for Amazon sellers like you that helps improve your supply chain operations and maximize efficiency by providing real-time updates and data-driven decision-making. The following are some advantages that Forceget offers:

  • complete logistics support for your Amazon FBA inventory
  • collaboration with trucking companies to ensure that your goods arrive at Amazon fulfillment facilities on time in the US, UK, EU, and Canada
  • offers economical door-to-door transportation services with low landed costs
  • 24/7 supply chain visibility
  • streamlined shipment consolidation
  • booking options
  • data-driven analytics to cut expenses and expedite delivery

And very timely with the fast approaching Amazon Prime Day in July 2024, Forceget offers a $300 DISCOUNT on your first shipment! This promo can not be combined with other campaigns, and minimum shipment amount should be $2,000.

VAA Philippines

Once you’ve addressed your supply chain, it’s only practical to invest in a solid workforce who can execute your plans for the upcoming Prime Day as efficiently as possible. It would be questionable if you don’t tap the Amazon experts themselves. For this matter, VAA Philippines will shorten your search and lengthen the time you can enjoy the benefits of hiring an Amazon VA.

If you’re still contemplating on whether to get an Amazon VA for your business, think of it this way. You’re already busy during normal days, right? So how do you keep everything running smoothly during sales events? And especially during Amazon Prime Day? You can’t just take a huge chunk of your time as the CEO/owner and take on the tasks of a customer support personnel, or a PPC specialist, or an account manager, or a listing copywriter. Your base is already as occupied as it can be. And it’s not like you are a master at every aspect of the Amazon business. 

You have to delegate. And if you must, delegate these areas to those who are experts in their fields.

At VAA Philippines, you can schedule a free consultation with the CEO himself to see which Amazon VA your business needs right now. He can offer the following VA services with the assurance that every Amazon VA from the company has been pre-selected and screened for their talents and proven experience and has undergone, and continually undergoes, extensive training to equip them with the right tools and processes essential for Amazon sellers like you:

  • Amazon Expert
  • PPC Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Creatives Experts
  • Virtual Executive Assistant
  • Wholesale & Arbitrage Expert

Engaging the professional assistance of an Amazon VA is not only helpful during the Amazon Prime Day. It is a practical investment that offers you a cost-effective and time-saving solution for scaling your business in a constantly upgrading marketplace like Amazon. 

Are you going to face this competition barehanded, or are you leveraging Forceget and VAA Philippines?