Door-to-door International Shipping: Important Points To Consider When Selecting International

In the post, we shall examine the meaning of door-to-door international shipping, how it works, and important factors to consider to select the best door-to-door international shipping company.

Door-to-door Shipping Company

International freight shipping is an essential component of international trade, so countries worldwide depend on international shipping companies for efficient transportation of their goods globally. International freight shipping can either be done by air or ocean. In the US, 38% of exports and imports were transported by sea.

In the past, transporting goods across countries involved strenuous processes and many intermediaries. However, technological advancement that facilitates door-to-door international shipping streamlines the international shipping processes and ensures fast, efficient, transparent, and less expensive transportation of goods globally.

In the post, we shall examine the meaning of door-to-door international shipping, how it works, and important factors to consider to select the best door-to-door international shipping company.

Door to Door International Shipping

What is Door-to-door International Shipping?

Door-to-door International shipping involves collecting of goods from a location in a country and delivering the goods at another location in another country. That means goods are transported from the shipper’s door to the consignee’s door. Door-to-door international shipping can be done by air, sea, rail, or express.

The mode of shipping saves you stress, time, and money. The shipping company manages the entire process of transportation. They pick up your goods from the shipper’s warehouse, provide necessary paperwork for custom clearance (for both exporting and importing countries), collect the goods from port and transport to the consignee’s doorstep.

Unlike port-to-port shipping, door-to-door shipping guarantees the safety of your consignment. So, door-to-door shipping mode is very reliable for international shipping, for instance, shipping from China to the US. Digital freight forwarders even make door-to-door international ship faster and more reliable because they offer automated solutions for better tracking, transparency and safety of your goods. This enables Amazon FBA logistics to guarantee quality service.

Door-to-door international shipping makes it possible for people with less knowledge of international shipping process to transport large goods internationally without bottleneck and unnecessary expenses. Thus, makes shipping from China to US directly to your home or warehouse is easy. But how does shipping from China to US works?

How Door-to-door International Shipping From China To US Works

The door-to-door shipping from China to US process is straightforward when you use a reliable international shipping company. First, you need to select a trusted freight forwarder from China. The freight forwarder from China picks the container holding the shipment from China, transports it to the port, and complete all the necessary paperwork with China custom authorities.

Before the Shipment from China gets to the US port, the freight forwarder from China must have discussed with the carrier on your behalf and put everything you need in place. Then the journey to US will commence.

Immediately, the cargo is delivered in the US; your agent will handle the customs clearance with their intermediaries. Once the tariffs are paid, the cargo will be released and loaded in a truck for transported to your address.

Shipping From China to US is that easy, but only if you choose the right international door-to-door shipping company. Now let take a closer look at how to choose a door-to-door international shipping company.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Door-to-door International Shipping Company

1. Freight Forwarder Experience:

Before settling for a freight forwarding company to handle your international door-to-door shipping it’s essential you consider the company’s years of experience. Reason being that, such company will have specialist understanding of the processes involved in this mode of shipping. They will know how to handle circumstances like shipping reroutes, port shutdowns, and striking dockworkers. Also, prevent unnecessary mistakes like loss of shipment.

2. Enquire About The Company’s Partners:

It’s also important to know the partners or agents that the China freight forwarder will be working within your US. Try to know their success track record and their experience when it comes to dealing with different kinds of shipping situations.

3. Verify The Company’s License And Insurance:

To prevent custom issues or loss of good, you need to verify your prospective shipping company license of operations in both countries and their insurance. This will prevent you from dealing with a fraudulent company. For instance when shipping from China to US via ocean the shipping company must be registered with Federal Carrier Safety Administration, but also maintains a Federal Maritime Commission License for ocean freight forwarding.

4. Consider Your Service, Budget, And Schedule:

The service and shipping rates offered by different international shipping companies vary. Be sure to choose a company that offers the specific shipping service you need  and at the rate you can afford. Most importantly, consider if the schedule meets your expectations considering the type of goods you are transporting. This will prevent damaging of your goods.

5. Consider The Company’s References:

Before choose an international shipping company, it’s advisable to read about what previous clients have to say about them. With this, you can discover the company’s level of efficiency, customer service, experience, and reputation. The testimonials page on the shipping company’s website is a good place to start. With this, you can narrow down your list and select the best company.

6. Customer Service is Key:

You should select international freight forwarding company that can keep you updated round the clock about the state of your shipment. This afford you the assurance you need to be sure your shipping is in safe hands and will be delivered accordingly.