Amazon UGC Strategies: Boosting Your Brand Presence

Did you know that 90% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support (Stackla)? Not only that, but consumers find user-generated content 9.8x more impactful than influencer content when making a purchasing decision.

The value of User Generated Content (UGC) has increased in recent years and plays a crucial role in how a brand is perceived online, how credible it is, and how authentic it is.

And one reason it has become so impactful is because of the emotional connection.

When selling on Amazon, UGC can help people from your audience connect with you, because you showcase real people and their experiences, rather than impersonal marketing messages.


Today, intelliRANK will show you what exactly is User-Generated Content  and introduce some Amazon UGC strategies that you can leverage to boost your brand presence.

What is User Generated Content?

The user-generated content (UGC) is created by users of a product or service. This includes any visual material made by customers featuring a brand’s products or services, such as videos and photos.

With consumers becoming savvier and more skeptical about traditional advertising methods, this type of content has become increasingly popular. Rather than relying on a brand’s messaging, consumers want to see real people using and enjoying products. In fact, 93% of marketers agree that customers trust other customers’ content. 

Top 7 benefits of using UGC to promote your Amazon brand

1. Authenticity

Content generated by customers is often perceived as being more authentic and trustworthy than content produced by brands. Your brand becomes more relatable to your target audience when real customers share their experiences.

2. Cost-Effective 

Creating your own content, such as photos or videos, can be expensive. Customer-generated content, however, is free. In this way, you reduce the cost of content production while still generating valuable promotional materials.

3. Builds Trust

Consumers trust other consumers more than they trust brands. User-generated content helps to build trust by showcasing real people using and enjoying a brand’s products.

build trust through user generated content

4. Increased Engagement

UGC can boost engagement on your social media channels and website. By featuring their content, you increase the chances of customers interacting with your brand through comments, likes, and shares.

5. Unique Perspectives

UGC marketing offers diverse perspectives and experiences related to your products or services. Using this method, you can cater to a broader audience and attract new customers by giving them a better idea of what your brand is all about.

6. Community Building

By encouraging user created content, you can create a sense of community around your brand. Customers will become loyal and dedicated to your brand if you value their opinions and voices.

7. Feedback and Improvement

User-generated content can be a valuable source of feedback. When you monitor what customers say about your products or services, you can identify areas for improvement and resolve issues quickly, ultimately enhancing your brand’s image.

5 Amazon UGC Strategies to Boost Your Brand Presence

When planning to rely on user-generated content to promote your brand, here are 5 crucial things to consider: 

1. What emotion do you want your audience to feel?

Based on your objective, you can invoke different emotions with precise content. Your brand may want people to feel trusted by showing long-term customers using your products happily.

emotions in UGC strategy

Perhaps you’d like them to feel like they belong to an exclusive community by showing them the benefits your customers enjoy. Pick an emotion before choosing an image to leverage on your website, social media or Amazon posts.

2. What type of customers do you want to attract?

Showcase a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to attract the right customers.

Consider experimenting with more user-generated content and see what works for you. By showing variety in your content, your chances of reaching the right customer for you increase.

3. Is your content relevant?

Make sure that your content is relevant to the audience by reflecting the interests, and preferences of the customers. Is your content worth people’s time? Does it show the benefits of your product and people’s experience with it?

4. Is it entertaining?

Brands that entertain people are more memorable than those who do not. That is why you should focus on customer generated content which features unique, creative, or humorous perspectives.

entertaining ugc

5. Does it show unique insights that only customers may know?

You’d be surprised how creative people can get with your product. Your potential customers may become interested in a product just based on the unique insights you show them from existing customers.

So make sure you show something different from the general information available online.

Now that you know what to keep in mind when leveraging UGC, let’s see where you can use it for maximum results.

Where to share user-generated content?

1. Amazon Posts

The Amazon Posts feature allows brand-registered sellers to share product-related content and original lifestyle images through a similar “feed” to social media. 

amazon posts

Customers can scroll through your feed and click straight through to product detail pages. 

So, not only will your audience learn how to use your products, but they will also discover your brand story as they browse. Another amazing benefit is that you meet people on Amazon who are ready to buy.

2. Social Media Platforms

Whether it’s a customer review or a photo of your product in action, sharing this content on your social media pages can increase your brand’s social proof and credibility.

For example, let’s say a client replied to an email from you with a testimonial. What can you do with it?

👉 Create a template in Canva and add a testimonial screenshot. Then share it on social media.

👉 Or, you can copy-paste the text and use it in the post description, mentioning it’s a testimonial from a happy client.

3. Email Marketing

For example, a client sends you a photo of them trying out the product. You can add that photo to your email and share the story behind it. 

Including photos taken by your customers in your newsletters can increase open and click-through rates, as well as build trust with your subscribers. This will eventually lead to more sales.

4. Website and Blog Section

For example, a client creates a video using your product. This video can be used in your product description or blog post. Just by adding that video on your website, you can improve your customers’ experience, increase conversions and consolidate social proof.

5. Paid Advertising

Including customer photos or videos in your ads, like with Amazon ppc ads, can increase engagement and make them more relatable to your target audience.

You can use videos of your customers, written testimonials and even photos of your clients (just make sure you get their permission before using this content in marketing). 

5 methods to encourage customers to send you UGC

Based on what we tested and found effective, here are 5 ways to consistently receive content from your audience:

1. Ask For Feedback From Users

If you want to know what your customers think about your brand or product, ask them to leave you a review. One easy way to do this is by emailing them after a purchase, and asking for feedback. 

ask for reviews ugc

In most cases, clients will be glad to share their experiences with you and other potential clients.

2. Launch a Contest on Instagram

People who buy a product from you and post a picture of it on social media can enter a contest to win a prize. This activity not only increases visibility, reach, and engagement, but also positively impacts sales. 

Be sure to clearly state the rules and how participants can participate in the contest.

3. Offer Your Customers a Reward

Providing your audience with a discount, gift, or reward for their time will help you build a stronger relationship with your audience. 

Developing bonds with your audience won’t cost you much. In no time, your fans will be talking about your brand online without incentives – because they are loyal.

4. Create a Compelling Challenge

Find ways to integrate free challenges for your customers. This gives you the ability to curate potential content for your marketing channels, as well as engage audiences in new ways.

online challenge ugc

And that’s not all. If your challenge is truly exciting for consumers, it even stands a chance to become viral, further increasing brand awareness and retention.

5. Offer a Free Product in Exchange for Authentic Images and Videos

The best people to promote your product are those who are passionate about it. Offering a free product and asking them to take photos and videos in exchange for unique content will help you generate unique user-generated content, besides that, you can discover more about what can be improved by offering them the chance to test your product.

All it costs you is to give away a product. In exchange, you get content you can use in each campaign, and it helps your brand stand out from the crowd. 

Leverage the Power of Customer Generated Content in Your Amazon Business

Today, UGC content is much more than a passing trend. Since people are looking for genuine connections and experiences, it taps into the emotional intentions behind purchasing decisions.

Rethinking your marketing strategy and focusing on user-generated content can have a huge impact on your numbers if you want to attract more clients, engage them, win their trust, and convert them into loyal customers.

If you want to leverage UGC in your marketing strategy, check out intelliRANK’s Exclusive User-Generated Content Services.


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