Amazon Freight Brokerage Prices

Freight Brokerage is essential for smooth and efficient shipment transportation. Freight brokers serve as the link between shippers and carriers. While freight brokers help shippers reduce complexity by finding drivers for their loads, brokers assist carriers in generating new business leads, helping them keep their trucks on the road.

Traditionally, freight brokerages operate by having carriers hire individual brokers who manually match drivers to shipments. The broker then takes a brokerage fee for each load. The brokerage fee is usually the margin between what they charge the shipper and what they pay the carrier.

However, freight brokerages have now grown beyond their manual practice. As of our day, through means of digital and online services, freight brokerage processes are more efficient and highly effective. Finding the most suitable freight broker for your own needs may sometimes prove quite challenging. Handling your every logistics needs in the easiest way possible, Forceget is here just for you.

amazon freight brokerage

Amazon Freight Brokerage

In 2018, Amazon joined the online brokerage space by launching its online brokerage website that matches truck drivers with shippers. The website,, allows shippers to get instant quotes on the packages they want to ship between warehouses. Before the launch, Amazon has been quietly building its logistics repository with trucks, vans, and aircraft to supplement existing 3pl freight and logistics service providers.

The online freight brokerage site helps Amazon better manage its existing network of carriers and expedite the cargo matching process, which remains highly inefficient with most work still being handled over the phone or by fax. Currently, thousands of shippers use Amazon freight brokerage globally, and the number keeps growing.

Even though Amazon Freight Brokerage comes with many advantages, there are numerous downsides of it as well. Many Amazon FBA sellers that use brokerage services of Amazon frequently complain about uncertain delivery dates and fluctuating prices.