Amazon FBA Freight Methods

Understanding the various Amazon FBA freight methods is crucial for cost-efficient shipping and profitable sales on Amazon. If you are looking to start shipping to Amazon FBA, you must know the different Amazon FBA freight methods to choose the one that best suits your business.

amazon fba freight methods

There are four major freight methods to ship goods to the FBA distribution center. These are as follows:

1. Express Freight

Express freight, which involves courier services, is the fastest method of shipping small items to Amazon FBA. It is time-efficient and cost-effective. Goods shipped with express freight from China take a few days to be delivered at Amazon FBA. This shipping method is suitable for beginners in the shipping business. Express freight requires no customs duty for any products under $800. Examples of popular couriers are FedEx, DHL, UPS, and many more.

2. Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight is the cheapest FBA freight method for shipping large volume products. There are two operations options to choose from when using the sea freight method. First, your shipment can be shipped directly from the vendor or agent to the Amazon warehouse allowing proper assessment. Alternatively, your shipment can be shipped from the agent or supplier to your address. To avoid issues, it’s advisable you have an Amazon ocean freight forwarder help you handle the whole shipping process, including customs clearance.

3. Air Freight

Air Freight is the best method for shipping high-volume goods at affordable freight rates. It is fast, safe, and reliable compared to ocean freight. Air freight rate is determined by shipment weight and volume. Usually, carriers charge by either dimensional weight or actual weight, depending on the one with the more expensive figure.

4. The Door-to-Door Delivery Method

The sea door-to-door delivery method or DDP  is a viable new alternative to these two earlier mentioned two shipping methods. It allows Amazon sellers to achieve an ideal speed-to-cost ratio. The DDP offers a fast, cheap, and convenient solution to Amazon and e-commerce sellers making it cost-efficient. The DDP is a shipping method in which Amazon freight forwarders or shipping companies pick the item from the factory, transport it to the port, handle all the necessary paperwork, receive it at the destination port, and deliver directly at Amazon FBA with no hidden charges.