Amazon Canada Warehouse

Amazon, the global e-commerce giant, has a strong presence in Canada with a network of warehouses and fulfillment centers strategically located across the country. These facilities play a crucial role in ensuring that Canadians receive their Amazon orders quickly and efficiently. In this blog, we will take an in-depth look at the Amazon Canada warehouse network, exploring its functions, technology, sustainability initiatives, and the impact it has on the Canadian economy.

amazon canada warehouse

The Amazon Canada Warehouse Network

Amazon’s success in Canada can be attributed, in part, to its robust warehouse and fulfillment center network. The company operates several warehouses across the country, strategically positioned to serve major urban centers and remote regions alike. Here are some key locations:

a. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) boasts several Amazon fulfillment centers, with the sprawling Brampton facility serving as a central hub for swift and efficient deliveries not only within the GTA but also extending its reach beyond the region.

b. Greater Vancouver Area: Amazon has a strong presence in British Columbia, with fulfillment centers in Delta and New Westminster, ensuring swift deliveries to residents in the Lower Mainland.

c. Edmonton and Calgary: Alberta is served by fulfillment centers in both Edmonton and Calgary, contributing to Amazon’s nationwide coverage.

d. Within the province of Quebec, Amazon operates key facilities in Lachine (Montreal) and Coteau-du-Lac (Quebec City), strategically positioned to serve a substantial portion of the population in this region.

e. Ottawa: Amazon’s fulfillment center in Ottawa helps deliver packages promptly to the nation’s capital and the surrounding region.

These strategically positioned warehouses form the backbone of Amazon’s logistics operations in Canada, allowing the company to provide customers with fast shipping options, including same-day and next-day delivery in select areas.

How Amazon Canada Warehouse Operates?

Amazon Canada warehouses, much like Amazon fulfillment centers globally, are meticulously designed for precision and efficiency, guaranteeing the accurate processing and prompt shipment of customer orders. Let’s delve into the operational overview of Amazon Canada’s warehousing facilities:

Amazon Canada Warehouse Receiving and Inbound Operations:

Amazon Canada’s receiving and inbound operations involve receiving and processing products from suppliers before shipping them to customers. It all starts with a supplier shipping a product to Amazon Canada, whereupon arrival at the warehouse, the product undergoes unloading and a thorough inspection to verify its condition and adherence to Amazon’s quality standards. Once approved, the product is scanned, logged into Amazon’s inventory system, and assigned a suitable storage location.

Amazon Canada Warehouse Storage and Inventory Management:

Amazon’s advanced inventory system uses algorithms to precisely track product locations on designated shelves and employs a ‘random stow’ method for efficient storage.

Amazon Canada Warehouse Picking and Packing:

Amazon’s system locates the nearest warehouse to the customer when an order is placed. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), or robots, transport shelves of products to human workers. These workers use handheld devices to find and pick the ordered items, which are then packed using suitable materials such as boxes and bubble wrap.

Amazon Canada employs various picking methods, including:

Zone picking: Each picker is responsible for selecting items exclusively within their assigned zone. This method proves efficient in larger warehouses with high order volumes, enabling simultaneous picking in different zones without extensive travel.

Batch picking: Pickers gather items for multiple orders during a single journey through the warehouse. This method is highly effective when multiple orders share common items or are in close proximity within the warehouse.

             Amazon Canada utilizes a range of packing methods to cater to different product needs:

  • Cartonization: This packing method involves the meticulous selection of the smallest possible boxes to contain items. It is highly favored for its exceptional efficiency in utilizing space and significantly reducing shipping costs. By choosing appropriately sized cartons, Amazon ensures that products are snugly and securely packed, minimizing empty space within boxes and optimizing the use of shipping materials.
  • Polybagging: Amazon frequently relies on polybagging, particularly for small and lightweight items. With this approach, products are carefully enclosed within plastic bags, providing a protective barrier against external elements and potential damage. Polybagging not only safeguards the items but also streamlines handling during the entire shipping and delivery process. This method is especially beneficial for products that may be susceptible to wear or contamination during transit.
  • Bubblewrapping: Fragile items receive special attention through the use of bubble wrapping. This meticulous process involves delicately wrapping items in bubble wrap, creating a cushioning layer that shields them from potential shocks, impacts, or abrasions during transportation. Bubble Wrapping is an effective choice for ensuring the safe delivery of delicate and sensitive products, such as glassware, electronics, or collectibles.

Amazon Canada Warehouse Shipping Preparation:

After packing, shipping labels are generated and affixed to the packages. The packages are then sorted according to their destination and chosen shipping method, which could include standard shipping, two-day shipping, or same-day delivery.

Amazon Canada uses a variety of shipping methods, including:

  • Standard Shipping is the prevailing shipping method used by Amazon Canada, providing customers with a dependable and cost-effective option for their deliveries. Typically, it guarantees delivery within a timeframe spanning from 2 to 5 business days. This method is well-suited for customers who prioritize standard delivery times and seek a balance between reliability and affordability in their shipping choices.
  • Expedited Shipping: For those desiring quicker delivery, Amazon Canada provides expedited shipping. With this option, packages are typically delivered in 1 to 3 business days. It is a preferred choice for customers who require their orders promptly.
  • Prime Shipping: Amazon Prime members benefit from Prime shipping, a fast and complimentary shipping method. This service prioritizes the delivery of eligible products, often ensuring delivery within a couple of business days. It represents an added value for Amazon Prime subscribers, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Amazon Canada Warehouse Returns Processing:

Amazon’s returns processing system is thorough. Customer returns undergo quality inspections and are either restocked for resale or handled for disposal or refurbishment.

Amazon Canada’s warehouse returns process involves four key steps:

  • Receiving and Logging: Returns are received, inspected, and entered into Amazon’s inventory system upon arrival at the warehouse.
  • Categorization: Returns are sorted based on product type and return reason, distinguishing between refund-eligible and replacement-eligible items.
  • Condition Assessment: Each return undergoes a detailed inspection to determine its condition. Items in good condition are processed for refunds or replacements, while damaged items may be disposed of or sold as used.
  • Refund or Replacement: If a return qualifies for a refund, Amazon initiates the refund process and sends a confirmation email to the customer. For returns eligible for a replacement, Amazon promptly ships the new product to the customer.

Amazon Canada Warehouse Quality Control:

Quality control measures are implemented to ensure the precision of product selection, packing, and shipping to customers. These measures are bolstered by frequent audits and inspections, which play a vital role in upholding consistently high-quality standards.

Amazon Canada Warehouse Customer Service:

Amazon Canada’s warehouse customer service is committed to exceptional support, actively seeking ways to exceed expectations, and continuously improving through customer feedback and innovation. They go the extra mile to address customer needs, ensuring each interaction with Amazon is positive and rewarding.

Inside the Amazon Canada Warehouse

a. Advanced Technology: Amazon demonstrates its commitment to innovation through the incorporation of cutting-edge technology in its Canadian warehouses. These facilities utilize robotics and automation, where robots move shelves and deliver products to human workers, ultimately enhancing efficiency and reducing order processing time. Warehouse management software is utilized to optimize inventory placement, order picking, and routing.

b. Efficient Storage Systems: The warehouse employs a “random stow” system to store products, placing items wherever available space exists. This approach optimizes storage space utilization and minimizes product retrieval time.

c. Workforce: Amazon’s Canadian warehouses employ thousands of workers across various roles, including pickers, packers, drivers, and management positions. These workers play a vital role in ensuring that customer orders are processed accurately and shipped promptly.

d. Safety Measures: Amazon prioritizes safety in its warehouses, making substantial investments in employee well-being through safety training, equipment provision, and protocol implementation. This includes the provision of ergonomic workstations, safety vests, and the conduct of regular safety drills. Overall, the warehouses are equipped with safety protocols, fire suppression systems, first-aid stations, and ergonomic workstations to prioritize the well-being of employees.

e. Sustainability Initiatives: Amazon Canada is dedicated to sustainability through measures like using renewable energy sources, shifting to electric delivery vehicles, and optimizing packaging to minimize waste, thus reducing its environmental impact.


Amazon’s warehouse network in Canada is an essential part of the company’s commitment to delivering convenience and efficiency to customers across the country. These facilities, equipped with advanced technology and sustainable practices, not only ensure swift deliveries but also create jobs and contribute to the Canadian economy. As Amazon continues to innovate and expand its presence in Canada, its warehouses will remain integral to its success in the Great White North.